Home design for a personality: The Creative

Home design for a personality: The Creative

Are you a creative sort, with a new project constantly up your sleeve or a fantastic idea crystallising in your head?

From painters to musicians, there are many people who may benefit from designing their new home building in a way that reflects their careers or personal interests.

There are plenty of home design and decorating ideas that can turn ordinary spaces into ones that are geared just for creative sorts. Take the time to consider what might suit your needs and you can create some engaging rooms in your home.

A home studio

Graphic designers, painters and illustrators may relish the opportunity to have a studio in their own home.

In order to stimulate creative thought, it's essential to create the right kind of environment. This starts with the light.

After all, any painter knows that the oil paints and pastels can look quite different under natural lights compared to artificial lights. If you set up a studio that's only got a dim light source or one that's murky, the final appearance of your work may be a little off.

Ensure you've got an adequate source of lighting and consider painting the space a cool shade of white. Plenty of floor space is important, while a standing desk against one wall is a bonus, too.

Install removable hooks on the walls so you can hang your artwork as it progresses from a blank canvas to a vivacious masterpiece!

Sweet sounds

There's nothing quite like music to relax you or inspire further creativity. If you're short of musical talent but enjoy listening to tunes in your free time, you might consider a dedicated listening room, with top-of-the-range speakers.

Perhaps you tinkle on the ivories every so often or have a knack with strumming a guitar. If so, consider creating a soundproofed room to jam out in, with plenty of comfortable seating options. Given that sound bounces off surrounding surfaces, the position you place instruments or a microphone in will affect the overall sound.