How to create a garden that complements your home

How to create a garden that complements your home

While some say "it's what's on the inside that counts", when it comes to real estate, your property's garden should be considered just as important as your home's interior.

Your outdoor space is not just an area that can be worked on for great kerb appeal, however.

If you have sufficient room at the rear of your house, there are a number of ways you can utilise it to create an enjoyable spot for entertaining.

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Get the proportions right

Getting your garden to match your home is not just a matter of choosing the right plants - though that's certainly important!

It's necessary to consider the size of your home compared to how much outdoor space you have. Narrow lot homes may have limited access way down the sides of your property, but there are clever ways to create outdoor space either out front or out back.

If you have a smaller area out back, don't overdo the space with a lot of large objects. Instead, focus on smaller features such as freestanding chairs and a wrought-iron table or subtle flower beds.

By contrast, if you have more room to play around with, you can afford to have a few statement pieces in your garden - think a pergola, freestanding outdoor fire or an elaborate paving feature.

Choose colours carefully

Decks and al fresco areas are increasingly popular and these kind of outdoor structures work well when the home harnesses indoor-outdoor flow.

Therefore, it's worth considering the colour scheme of your garden in relation to your home's exterior and interior palate.

If your house has a fresh, contemporary design aesthetic, opt for clean lines and a range of shrubbery and wood in your garden.

A garden that utilises some bold colours, copper finishes and industrial-looking lighting would suit a home that has postmodern design notes.

Consider your garden and home as one so you have a seamless design aesthetic.