How to design a fun-filled activity room for your kids

How to design a fun-filled activity room for your kids

From imaginative role-play to colouring in, kids love having an array of activities to do after school, during the weekend and any other moment they get a chance.

Creating an activity room helps keep other areas of the home clutter free, while you can take liberty with the room to create a space that's wonderfully vibrant - from bold paint choices to quirky wall decals.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind when designing an activity room for your little ones.


Double storey home designs are perfectly accommodative to activity rooms. Typically, the master bedroom and living space will be located downstairs, with children's room and an activity room up top.

Open storage

From colouring in books to puzzles and crafts, it's easy for an activity room to quickly become cluttered.

When designing your new home consider a floor-to-ceiling open shelf unit.

The master of all feature walls

You've likely heard about the power of a feature wall in a living space, kitchen or bedroom.

Take it to the next level for an activity room and paint a wall with blackboard paint. Along with a bucket of brightly coloured chalk, kids will be able to liven up the space.

Just make sure they stick to the right wall when they're drawing their artwork!

A big activity table

An activity table is an essential feature. For young children, you may want to opt for a table that's low to the ground.

Top the table with bright baskets filled with felt tips or crayons and invest in an extra large drawing book or a roll of paper so kids can draw at their own whim.

Sheets and chairs

As much as you can plan the perfect activity room, a little bit of freedom doesn't hurt.

Along with a few stable chairs, provide the kids with some old sheets or blankets to allow kids to create indoor huts.