How to mix and match a living room

How to mix and match a living room

For some people, . For others, it's an alien concept best left to others. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on an interior decorating consultation or settling for a second rate entertainment area, follow these simple steps to mix and match a living room that you're bound to love.

It's OK to 'mix' instead of 'match'

Order and similarity is something that we're used to seeing in desirable homes, but what's in vogue now is personality and expression. While it might feel odd to purposefully buck the trend, it is okay to let your creative side out with mish-mashed patterns and several material choices.

It's not OK to lose the plot

While a unique living area that expresses your personality is the end goal, you don't want to lose the feeling of harmony that makes it easy to relax. Pick an overall theme that you can stick with, so that not every accessory or piece of furniture is a jarring statement.

For example, while you might have polka dots, stripes and solid colours in one space, keeping a common colour palette will provide the link these patterns need.

It's OK to bring the old and new together

One of our favourite ways to add character to any of the rooms in is to introduce one or two old or faux-antique pieces to your repertoire.

A great way to do this, is to pair a wingback chair with your modern lounge suite. Or, you could buy mismatched chairs from secondhand stores to put around a contemporary dining table. However, try not to do things in half measures, as they can seem incomplete. For example, having three odd chairs out of a six-seat dining arrangement makes it simply seem like you couldn't afford the chairs to match, instead of highlighting your creative choices.

It's not OK to forget texture

Even the craziest room can seem boring if everything has a flat appearance. Whether your or a specific part of your own home, make sure to keep varied texture choices in mind.

Using wallpaper, area rugs and window treatments to introduce different elements into the room can be the easiest way to achieve this, as these items cover large areas and therefore give a big visual impression.

It's OK to keep it simple

Does any of this sound overwhelming? Don't worry, you don't have to go all out to stay in style. Sleek and simplistic is still very much in fashion when it comes to interior design. However, having one or two 'hero pieces' can certainly help you elevate the mood of a living area or bedroom in your new home.

If you're stuck for inspiration, head out to a to see how it's done - apg has some great examples, including our latest - the Havana.