Incorporating feng shui into your double storey home design

Incorporating feng shui into your double storey home design

Feng shui is a Chinese concept of geomancy which holds that the laws of heaven and Earth can be used to help improve the life of an individual through the channeling of qi energy.

One aspect of the philosophy has to do with the orientation of objects in an area and how energy can flow unhindered through the space.

Many homes these days have taken the concepts involved to heart, and feng shui has influenced many building designs, sculptures and other architectural feats across the globe.

This could be a nice factor to incorporate when you're creating your double storey home designs, in order to help foster a harmonious, peaceful environment for you and your family to grow and prosper in.

For example, one of the fundamental factors to consider when designing a home is reducing the amount of clutter - after all, having a busy home can inhibit the flow of positive energy and hinder the benefits of a clean, open space.

When designing your bedrooms and living areas, keeping this in mind will enable you to consciously place your furnishings and the entrances to the room for maximum benefit.

Keeping work and rest areas separate is another concept that has practical applications for the modern family. If these areas are mixed, it can get in the way of true relaxation - keeping you stressed and preoccupied during your downtime.

The study should be built downstairs and away from the bedrooms, as well as at a distance from the living room and kitchen in order to promote a very firm, definite split between your working space and your living space.

Speaking with your apg home designer will allow you to fully encapsulate the essence of feng shui and create a positive, free-flowing environment that you and your family can live in harmoniously.