Make the most of natural light in your home

Make the most of natural light in your home

Sure, there will be times when you want to draw the curtains, flick the light switch and jump on the couch for an evening in front of the television.

During the evening, it's understandable that artificial light will become a reality in your home. However, it's also essential to consider the opportunities to embrace natural light in your home. There's no better time to do this than when you're about to embark on a new home building project.

Quality house plans are designed with light in mind. When the building itself is constructed in a manner that will maximise natural light, this certainly helps the process. This means placing windows in such a way that light from all sources can filter into the home, while fitted skylights also allow more of the sun's rays to gently warm living spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms.

However, there are plenty of clever ways you can decorate your home once it's built in order to further maximise natural light.


You can hang mirrors adjacent to a window to bounce light of it and give the impression of a brighter space.

Thanks to an impressive range of mirror designs, this approach works in a number of rooms, from shared living spaces to adults and children's bedrooms.

An oval mirror adds a sense of refined sophistication to a bedroom and looks particularly striking with a white-painted frame. A large, square variety with a thick black or navy frame looks excellent in living rooms, too.

Placement of artificial lights

Sometimes, it won't always be possible to rely on natural light alone.

Ensuring that artificial lighting is carefully placed is a must. Rather than installing a series of bright lights in each room that are all switched on and off simultaneously, consider creating rows of lights, so you have more control over how much artificial light is in any given room.

This way, you can highlight certain areas, without overpowering a space with harsh, artificial light.