Maximising bedroom space: Considerations for wardrobes

Maximising bedroom space: Considerations for wardrobes

When you're creating your designs for new home building, the bedrooms are always a crucial aspect to get right. After all, you'll be spending a lot of time in there and you want to make the space as functional and comfortable as possible.

For example, incorporating wardrobes into the mix is something to pay attention to. Wardrobes are fantastic ways to help efficiently use the space available, by removing the need for external storage such as drawers, helping to maintain a spacious leisure and resting area.

Furthermore, while it may not be important to think about wardrobes for small children's rooms during the initial stages of their lives, often as they begin to age, having a wardrobe is something many will seek.

This could be something as simple as the classic space behind a closed door, where they have enough room to be able to store all their clothes and shoes, as well as acting as a storage place for boxes and other things accumulated over a lifetime.

However, when it comes to designing a master bedroom wardrobe, taking the various needs for him and her into consideration is paramount.

One solution could be to venture into the prospect of creating a larger, walk-in wardrobe area. This is a large undertaking, but by having enough space to accommodate for each individual's own clothes and personal effects, it could be a potential solution for any future problems that may arise.

Another idea could be to venture towards creating two separate wardrobes, with each being dedicated to one of the room's occupants. Even if you don't end up using both, the second could simply be used for storage.

Taking your bedroom's storage space is an important factor that shouldn't be rushed over when you're creating your double storey house plans, lest you miss out on creating the perfect space for your needs in the future.