New home Inclusions. The insider tips.

New home Inclusions. The insider tips.

New home Inclusions. The insider tips.

How to cut through the smoke and mirrors.

What do you actually get, how much do you pay for it, and is it value?

We all know that nothing is for free. Yet we see almost all builders offering thousands of dollars’ worth of extras for free, or boasting enviable inclusions or difficult to understand upgrade packages.
What you need is a full inclusions list that provides you with everything that's required, not items left out that can be charged as extras to help increase the builder’s margin later. And then if you want a higher standard of any item, or extra items, you want them at the right price.

Yet this is rarely what builders offer. They offer P.C (prime cost) allowances which gives you a specified amount to spend on an item. Choose something over that price and you will pay extra. And then many items you really need like the door bell, fly screens, light fittings and blinds are not included at all.

What do Bellriver see as the answer to this minefield?

At Bellriver, our procurement team source high quality, recognised brand name Electrolux, Rheem, Hettich, Parbury, PGH, BHP, Taubmans, Redbrook, Actronair etc. We need to procure these for the best price so we can offer you a high quality home at a great value price. Then we include all the things you actually need to finish the home completely like heating and cooling, light fittings, carpet, tiles, wood blinds, stone tops, soft closers, door bell and even a designer façade upgrade.

And that is our standard offering. Beyond that, you can add anything more you wish, or upgrade any item. And when you do, we will submit an itemised variation so you can decide if it is of value to you.
Absolutely transparent, upfront, and everything you need. No smoke and mirrors, nothing excluded, no "freebies" that are loaded into the price elsewhere.

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