Paint colour trends for your new home

Paint colour trends for your new home

Nothing stands still in the word of fashion, and interior design is very similar - there's always a new trend to consider! Whether it's a skimpy summer slip or a heavy winter coat, there's some dressing up to be done around the home - and the kitchen and hallways are prime candidates! Let's take a quick look at the shades your house could be modelling this season.

Lighten and brighten

At apg we with as few passages as possible - this maximises light throughout the home. However, you can also do your part by choosing a lightly coloured paint in this area. This will help reflect light from natural and artificial sources throughout the home. If you do want something a bit more colourful than cream or white, try a pastel shade of green or a blue-tinted, light grey.

Go heavy or go home

Some areas are just primed for a dash of heavy colour! Feature walls are great for this - especially in the kitchen! You might not consider it because of all the cabinetry, but painting one wall in the kitchen is a great way to introduce brilliant and bold colours into the living area without going too over the top. This is because your cupboards and appliances will cover most of this wall, toning down its affect on the rest of the open plan living area.

Style my Mypod!

A mypod isn't just a - it's the perfect opportunity to express your creativity! Depending on how you use this space, there are all sorts of colour schemes you could go for. Black, white and grey can make a great statement if applied correctly, Accent this brown and cream with your soft furnishings and you'll have a great area in which to relax and unwind without being bombarded with sensory overload.