Rug up or feel the chill: Home heating and cooling systems

Rug up or feel the chill: Home heating and cooling systems

When building your dream home from the ground up, it's essential to get the basics right when it comes to having a warm, dry and healthy home.

The same goes for making your existing property as comfortable as possible. From circulating cool air in the summer months to ensuring your living spaces and bedrooms are snug during the winter, an air-conditioning system can make a wealth of difference to your day-to-day living.

There is an impressive range of heating and cooling options available - be sure to consider your options thoroughly before undertaking a service.

Feel the chill

Whether you're got an expansive property or are considering narrow lots homes for your next move, it's important to get the indoor temperature right.

During Perth's hot summers, you'll want to ensure you have fresh air cycling through the home.

One option is an evaporative air conditioning system. This works by pulling warm air into the unit, which is cooled down by contact with wet filter pads and pushed into your home via the fan.

The cool air is pumped through your homes by vents in the ceiling. This system is designed for use with open windows and doors, in order to expel the warm air.

Evaporative cooling is a welcome way to cool down, but it doesn't offer any heating functions.

Rug up warm

If you want to instal a system that's going to keep you warm or cool, depending on the season, then reverse cycle air conditioning could suit your property.

A fan unit inside your home pumps warm or cool air into your home and a condensing unit is installed outside. Reverse cycle conditioning is often favoured for cost efficiency as it can be used year round.

Vents can be placed around the home, allowing you to heat up or cool down various rooms.

If you're looking to build a new property from scratch, get in touch with the best builders Perth has and discuss the heating and cooling options for your new home.