Securing the optimum lighting for your home

Securing the optimum lighting for your home

It's much easier to get everything done right the first time when it comes to new home building. Getting tradesmen to come in and make changes after finishing your project can be a time-consuming, expensive endeavour, so taking your time and planning everything perfectly is advisable.

For example, adequately lighting your home is an essential factor to consider. After all, without appropriate and abundant lighting, you could be left with a dark, unwelcoming home at night.

The first thing to consider when looking into lights is the type of bulb you want to use. Differences between narrow and wide beams can change the entire dynamic of a room, especially if it is the only source of light in the area.

For bathrooms and pantries, having fluorescent lights could be a great idea to help provide a lot of bright light - perfect for scourging in the back of the pantry for specific food, or removing shadows from your bathroom to help when applying make up.

Lounges and bathrooms could benefit from warmer, less harsh light. These can lift the mood of a room, creating a comfortable space for you and your family to live in while still providing enough light to be functional.

Furthermore, if you have any rooms that have two or more entrance points, it could be worth investigating multiple switches for your lights by each door when creating your double storey home design.

There's nothing worse or more hazardous than having to feel your way across a pitch black room and running your hand along the wall to find a light switch.

Energy efficiency is also another aspect to consider. Nowadays there are a number of cleaner, more sustainable lighting options available that could be worth investigating if you're interested in helping to save the environment.