Sustainable water consumption targeted in Western Australia

Sustainable water consumption targeted in Western Australia

With summer fast approaching, Western Australians are being encouraged to become more aware of their water usage after the latest initiative revealed by Water Minister Terry Redman, which aims to conserve water heading into the future.

This could be interesting for anyone curious about sustainable living and purchasing property in Perth. Cleaner and greener living has become an important factor for many home buyers across the nation.

The Fresh Water Thinking (FWT) program is aimed at reminding citizens in Perth and the wider state that their water consumption is important to the conservation effort as a whole, and offers them advice about how to reduce their own use.

Mr Redman said it was essential for people to become aware of their role in the water consumption of the state, as the time for relying solely on dams as the main water supply is fading fast.

"On our first hot day in November, Perth residents used over one billion litres of water - that would normally only be expected in the height of summer," said Mr Redman in a November 17 statement.

The end goal for the scheme is to reduce the water use of each Perth citizen to 125,000 litres per year by 2030. Water consumption has dropped since 2001, falling from 191,000 litres per annum to a low 132,000 litres in 2012/13.

This could be something to consider if you're looking into new home building in Perth - especially if you're committed to creating a sustainable future.

There are a number of sustainable construction options available these days as well which, when used in conjunction with this initiative, could do wonders for reducing our effect on the environment and help to protect the planet for years to come.