The Benefits of having a double storey bedroom split

The Benefits of having a double storey bedroom split

Creating your double storey house plans offers a number of different challenges to building a single storey home. After all, you have a whole other section of home to think about and plan.

There are various routes that can be taken in order to maximise the space in your home, but apg home Display and New Home Manager Chris Riccadonna said that most families opt for the double storey bedroom split.

"You'll find that most clients want to have their master bedrooms downstairs, while the kids have their rooms upstairs. For example, the kids might have an activity or rumpus room up there with all their things, and that can keep them entertained," said Mr Riccadonna.

"However, sometimes the parents will put the master bedroom on the upstairs floor, in order to take advantage of the views available."

This provides the children with their own area to live and play, while retaining the relative peace and quiet of the downstairs area for the adults to enjoy. This could also come in handy during social occasions, allowing you to provide the children a separate area to play while you host.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules about bedroom placement. It all depends on what you personally want to get out of your home, and the needs you have for your living space.

Another extremely popular use of the upstairs rooms is to create a study for times when you need seclusion in order to work or relax in solitude. Furthermore, having a second living room for entertainment purposes could also be an option to consider during your home design phase.

During your research phase, be sure to take note of any little details you especially like (or dislike) in order to help the team at apg home create the perfect home for your needs.

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