Tips for making your new home pet-friendly

Tips for making your new home pet-friendly

If you're an animal lover, there are a range of things you can implement into your double storey home design to allow for you and your furry friend to fully enjoy your new home.

For example, when choosing a lot for new home building, be sure to find somewhere that has a relatively large backyard space. This is especially true for those with dogs, which love to have wide open space to run around in and entertain themselves.

Furthermore, the location of your home in relation to the nearest parks or dog-friendly recreational areas could make going for exercise and walks that much easier. Rather than having to drive to your destination, simply pop out for a walk and find a park to play fetch in.

Including a door for your pet could also be a nice touch, if you allow your pets inside the home. Allowing them to come and go at their own leisure will not only give them their freedom, but also remove the task of you opening and closing doors for them throughout the day.

Building a kennel or other home for your pets outside in the backyard could also provide them with their own space, giving them somewhere to cuddle up and sleep. This removes the chances of them getting your carpet and furniture dirty, which is always a nice bonus.

In fact, when selecting the interior fixtures for your home, keep your pet in mind. It could be worth remembering that animals occasionally get dirty, which could be tracked inside and cause a mess throughout the home.

​Selecting a floor material that can be easily cleaned could be an option, as could selecting a darker coloured material in order to hide some of the grime and dirt in between cleans.