Tips On How You Could Add A Modern Extension To Your Home

Tips On How You Could Add A Modern Extension To Your Home

A home extension in Adelaide is an effective way to convert a so-so abode into a dream home. And with a little forethought, extending your home can enhance its resale value as well. But not all renovation work makes a tangible improvement to resale value. You should focus your efforts on what yields the best results. Keep the following tips in mind to add extra resale value onto your next home extension.

Convert Your Cellar into a Living or Storage Space
Everybody wants more space, whether it be for everyday living or storage. And the easiest way to add precious square metres onto your property is by converting an old cellar into something a bit more liveable. The beautiful thing about converting a cellar is the job qualifies as a ‘change of use’, which means you won’t have to go through the rigmarole of applying for planning permission. If the square metre value in your area is higher than the build cost of renovating the cellar, the work is guaranteed to see you come out in front.

Split the Property in Two
One possible way to maximise the value of your home is to split it in two. That way, you’ll earn extra money from rent in the short term and add resale value to your home in the long term. However, the process is only legally permitted in certain neighbourhoods. Investigate the regulations governing dual occupancy and property subdivision in your area. Also note that two smaller units may be in lower demand than one big property, especially in sparse suburban areas. Be sure to do a little market research as well.

Convert Your Garage into a Granny Flat
In the same vein, transforming your garage into a living area is a simple way to add extra floor space to your property. Of course, you’ll still need somewhere to park your car, so only consider this option if you’re happy to leave it outdoors. Converting a garage into a granny flat may require planning permission, depending on the work involved and the purpose of the residency. Confirm the details with your local council before getting the project underway. Upon completion, you’ll need to get an independent inspector to ensure all work complies with the relevant government regulations.

A well-planned extension will enhance the liveability of your home and optimise its resale value. Keep the above ideas for house extensions in Adelaide in mind to get the best possible return on investment. For all of your renovation needs, reach out to the experts at Finch Constructions and they will be happy to assist you.