Top 5 fail proof ways to make your kitchen rule

A great family kitchen is the heart of the home and an entertainer’s paradise. It’s a place where the much loved rituals of cooking, entertaining and coming together are celebrated. It’s a place to teach the kids to cook your family’s secret Pavlova recipe and gather guests at the start of an evening for a glass of wine and antipastos.
These 5 tips will help you create a kitchen that will inspire your family and guests, no matter your lifestyle and tastes.

Pick your kitchen style

From the luxurious Hamptons look to country cottage, from modern chic to comfortable classic, there are many styles to choose from when it comes to creating your dream kitchen. To choose the right style for you and your family, think about:

  • Bringing a little bit of your family’s personality into your home by looking at your favourite colours and the clothing you wear.
  • Visit our display homes or use Pinterest to help decide what look you love.
  • Think about how you will use your kitchen - will it be a hub for entertaining guests or will you mostly use it to cook home meals for the family? Do you want people to congregate around you while you cook, or do you prefer to direct them to your living / dining areas?

Tie in the look and colours with the rest of your home

It’s important to have a seamless transition from your kitchen to your living / dining space and out onto your picturesque Alfresco, so avoid disjoining your kitchen style from the rest of the home. Look at the rooms surrounding your kitchen and think about matching the colours and textures so it seamlessly connects with the surrounding space to give your home a luxurious, flowing feel.

Contrast is the key

Difference in textures, colours and light verses dark are very stimulating to the eye. Choosing your kitchen benchtops, cupboards and splashback is a major decision for your kitchen, so select something that will keep you interested and inspired every day. For example, a dark blue tiled splashback and eye-catching metallic accessories create an edgy contrast to a muted, white palette in your stone benchtops and cabinetry.

Make your island bench a standout feature

A striking island bench can make a bold, décor statement in your new home and can draw the attention of any guest during an evening entertaining. Match the colour tone and texture of this piece with the benchtops surrounding it or create some contrast by featuring an alternative material, such as marble or stone. Make sure the material you choose for your benchtops and island bench is durable and easy to clean, for example a Caesarstone quartz surface is a fantastic option.

Don’t pass up the little things that make a major impact

The finishing touches, like your taps, cupboard handles, lighting and appliances, can make a huge difference to how functional and stylish your kitchen is. When looking for taps and handles think about quality and functionality - how easy are they to use and do they fit in to the overall style you have chosen for your kitchen? Stunning lighting, such as pendant lights or under cabinet down lights, bar stools and unique kitchen décor can really complete the look of your kitchen and give it an inviting, sophisticated ambience.