Trend alert: How to get a long-lasting look for your kitchen with stainless steel

Trend alert: How to get a long-lasting look for your kitchen with stainless steel

The ultra-modern look achieved in today's designer magazine kitchens depends a lot on stainless steel, black, white, and odd pops of colour. If you've, choosing how to furnish your kitchen is a pretty exciting part of the experience. Use this time to create a long-lasting and stylish look for the heart of your home.

Stainless appliances are increasingly popular in kitchens, almost making the term "whiteware" redundant. There are even types of stainless finish that are resistant to smudges and finger marks - these are ideal for households with young kids or just clumsy adults.

Splashes of colour

Big expanses of black or white tiling and countertops, interspersed with stainless steel appliances and chromed art work can start to look very bland if you're not careful. Picking a standout colour to accent your kitchen with can make it appear inviting, artsy and decadent. are turquoise, lime green or a devilish red.

Using a brightly coloured glass or mosaic of tiles is a for your kitchen.

Brushed or glossy

Most people don't realise that stainless steel comes in many grades and finishes. For most of us the grading of stainless steel is not important, as the stuff used in the kitchen will be food-grade. There are of course others used in industrial and building applications, and you may wish to incorporate these into your home in some way. A marine stainless finish can be great for outdoor kitchens in coastal areas.

The most common decision to make when it comes to the metal in your kitchen, is brushed or glossy. The high gloss applications have a lot of shine and lustre, and can give a very opulent feel to your cooking area, while brushed stainless has a more subdued look.

No matter what you choose, stainless steel can pair well with almost anything, so it's great for the longevity of your kitchen - as you may decide to redecorate in a few years time, but keep your appliances.