Trend Alert: Queen Anne furniture

Trend Alert: Queen Anne furniture

There is a lot to be learned from history, and how to entertain at home is certainly one of the areas of modern life that could use some refinement or inspiration. Queen Anne furniture dating from the early 18th century was an innovation in styling, comfort and socialisation that could be just as relevant in today.


Queen Anne furniture was a bold statement in its day. There was a big move away from the straight backs and legs that were in vogue at the time, towards curves and bends inspired by Asian styles and organic shapes. While the style evolved over a period of years, the defining features came to be the S-bend legs, curved back and claw-and-ball feet.

This trend is just as relevant today, as we see a greater inspiration being drawn from nature, as well as Eastern designs. Beautifully preserved natural wood is also a show-stopping feature. Whether you choose to use a piece of Queen Anne furniture in your home, or simply wish to draw inspiration from the smooth lines and classic suggestions, the style has a firm place in the modern interior designer's toolbox.

While this is a trend that captures the imagination and can blend well with a classic style, there are other modern takes on period-furniture as well. Check out an to see the latest in design trends and how this interacts with modern architecture.


In contrast to the furniture it replaced, creations from the Queen Anne period gave consideration to the comfort of those that would be using them. Generally speaking, this is most evident in the chairs of the period.

The stoic, straight-backed chairs of the William and Mary or Early Baroque style gave way to the soft and gentle stylings of the Queen Anne era. With a greater focus on comfort towards the end of the period, attention was paid to the user's posture, and a curved back that fit into the sitter's spine became a standard feature.

While antique furniture can be beautiful, it should also be pleasant to use - the Queen Anne style is a great blend of both elements.


A key feature of apg's home designs, whether a narrow lot home or a , is how social you can be. With flowing open-plan areas that encourage interactivity and alfresco spaces that expand your entertaining options, it's clear that entertaining friends and family is strong inspiration for our homes.

Queen Anne furniture was also innovative in this regard, with concepts like card tables and collapsible game tables emanating from this era. There were also nesting coffee tables and luxurious tea cabinets that took the high society of the UK and North American colonies by storm.