Upgrade without being stung

Upgrade without being stung

One of the joys of building a new home rather than buying used is getting exactly what you want…
customized to suit your taste and lifestyle.

And this is an area where many builders, particularly larger ones, see as an opportunity
to gouge extra margin from the unwitting.


Normal practice in the building industry is to sell you the ‘basic’ house at a fair price…then to apply additional margin to extras. This all seems fine, until you do your colour and product selections. At that point you are locked into a position where you have to proceed…and every extra you want is priced at a price you are not in a position to negotiate…and has extra margin built in. Many of the larger builders boast that most of their profit comes from ‘extras’.

What do Bellriver do different to this un-scrupulous common practice?

At Bellriver, we see this as an absolute betrayal of our customers trust. We see the only right way to manage ‘extras’ and ‘upgrades’ is as follows:

  1. Included EVERYTHING that is needed in the home from the outset.
  2. State clearly exactly what is and what isn't included so there is no misunderstanding later. We believe there should be no “fine print’ in a contract.
  3. Allow as many upgrades and extras as the client wants, charged at exactly the same rate after the contract is entered into as before it is entered into. We are the only builder we know of that does this.

We love making your home as individual as you are…that’s why we have two dedicated selection galleries where you can modify and individualize your home as much as you wish. We offer a full selection of fireplaces, kitchen upgrades, appliance upgrades, free standing baths, coffered ceilings, facades, floorcoverings etc.

We want you to be free to choose any of these items knowing that the price is right…before you buy…or after.