What are the three best features of a summer home?

What are the three best features of a summer home?

If your current home isn't quite serving your summer needs, it could be worth looking to the future and considering new home building over the next year in order to set yourself up with a great property to enjoy the warm Australian summer in style.

There are a number things to consider when creating the perfect summer home, but here are three of the main ones.

Indoor/Outdoor Flow

There are few things more enjoyable in summer than being able to seamlessly transition from the warm outdoors to the cooler, shaded sanctuary of your living area without hassle.

Often this can be achieved by implementing a deck near your kitchen or living room, while complimenting this with large windows and doors that can be flung open at the slightest whim to allow warm breeze and sunlight to stream into the area.

For example, french doors can be the perfect option for this type of layout, and when coupled with the right furniture aesthetic, can create an appealing spot for you and your family to spend time in.

Air Conditioning

Another luxury worth investigating while drawing up your new double storey home designs is an air conditioning system.

When looking into the options available to you, there are a number of energy saving systems that can be fitted into your home in order to regulate the temperature and help to maintain a comfortable environment.

Furthermore, these systems often help to purify the air in your home, which could be great if someone in the family suffers from allergies or other related health complications.

Swimming Pool

What summer-loving home would be complete without a backyard swimming pool for the enjoyment of friends, family and guests alike?

Just be sure to get the proper council approvals and undertake every safety measure possible to ensure your pool is safe and sound. After taking care of all this, you'll be set for a fantastic, wet Australian summer!