5 Reasons To Regularly Clean Your Carpets In The Office

5 Reasons To Regularly Clean Your Carpets In The Office

Running an office can be stressful and it comes with many responsibilities. As you focus on things which seem more important in the short-term, it is easy to leave smaller, long-term issues to be done at a later date; cleaning your carpets is one such task. However, it is vital that it gets the care it needs. You should have your carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year, although twice a year is recommended, and in the interim, they should be regularly cleaned. There are several reasons for staying on top of carpet maintenance - this guide highlights the 5 most important ones.

1. Appearance
Perhaps the most obvious reason, and definitely the most noticeable, is that having clean carpets looks a lot better than if they are dirty. Regular business cleaning services enhance the aesthetics of your carpet and the office as a whole, and with this comes many benefits. If clients or customers come into your workspace, a clean carpet gives a good first impression and, rather than turning them off like a dirty carpet would, tells them that you are a professional business. A clean-looking environment has also been shown to improve employee productivity.

2. Save your Money
Carpets are an expensive investment and therefore prolonging their life as much as possible protects the money you spent. Carpets are always having drinks spilled on them or dirt trodden in, potentially resulting in permanent stains. The longer spots and stains are allowed to embed themselves into your carpet, the harder it is to remove them. Prompt removal of particularly bad stains or just regular cleaning can prevent these marks becoming permanent and keep your carpet looking clean and fresh for longer.

3. Air Quality
Carpets are excellent at drawing pollutants such as mould, dust, pesticides and dirt out of the air and trapping them. After a while, a carpet becomes saturated with pollutants and can no longer remove them from the air; regular deep cleaning will allow your carpets to continue improving the air quality in your office. Reducing the amount of these substances in the air will keep your office smelling fresher and allow you to breathe easier and work better.

4. Ensure your Workers’ Safety
Not only do carpets trap pollutants, but they also trap bacteria, mites and other germs. The longer a carpet is left uncleaned, the more they become at risk of mould and germs starting to grow on the carpet. The build-up of bacteria and mould can put your employees at risk of illness. More illness means more sick days and a hindered office productivity. Professional office cleaning will eliminate the build-up of these harmful substances, keeping your workers healthy and your office productive.

5. Warranty
Many carpets are protected under a warranty that will specify you have them professionally cleaned using the extraction method within a specific amount of time, usually within 18 months. Neglecting to do this, can put you at risk of losing a lot of money if you need to install a new carpet not long after the first has been put in.

Scheduling regular carpet cleaning services for your office can not only save you valuable time, but money as well. Coming to a clean, hygienic and organised workplace can make all the difference.