6 Recommended Tips For Cleaning Solar Panels

6 Recommended Tips For Cleaning Solar Panels

Solar panels are increasing in popularity these days as they are friendly on the environment and help to save on energy bills. For solar panels to function at optimal level, they need to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning your solar panels of dirt and debris can help them last longer and avoid the need for costly repairs.

Due to the sensitive nature of solar panels, they do require a lot of care and attention during the cleaning process. In this article, we will offer some tips to help make cleaning solar panels a bit easier – as well as our recommendation on what we think is the best way for you to get your solar panels cleaned.

1) Turn the power off

First of all, make sure that the power system for your solar panels is switched off before you begin any sort of cleaning. This is essential to guarantee both your safety as well as the integrity of your solar panels. Thus, always remember to push the shutdown button before cleaning. Inform members of your household that you are doing cleaning works – so that they do not accidentally turn the power back on!

2) Avoid using high pressure

High pressure cleaners are great for blasting away stubborn dirt, but you should avoid using them on your solar panels. A high pressure cleaner can force water into parts of your solar panel where it should not be. If you must use a high pressure cleaner on your solar panels, put it on a low setting to minimise the pressure. Another way to further reduce the pressure is to create a fanned-out sheet of water at the nozzle instead of a single high-pressure jet.

3) Use the right type of water

Make sure that your water is not too hot or not too cold to prevent your solar panel glass from cracking due to a sudden change in temperature. Furthermore, you are encouraged to use distilled or de-ionised water when cleaning your solar panels. This is because water with high mineral content may leave deposits that could interact with the glass of your solar panels, causing damage to occur.

4) Gentle soaps are recommended

For a do-it-yourself job, all you really need is some dishwashing liquid mixed with water to clean your solar panels. Stay away from laundry detergents or strong chemicals as these could interfere with how your solar panels work and cause problems down the road. In short, you want to use a detergent that does a good enough job of getting the panels clean, but is not so strong that it will cause damage.

5) Do not use abrasive materials

The glass on your solar panels may be able to withstand the elements of the weather, but do not forget that abrasive materials can still easily scratch the solar panels. Use a soft-bristled brush or a soft sponge to do the cleaning to avoid permanently damaging your solar panels. Moreover, be careful when rubbing into the panels as debris or small pebbles could scratch the surface of the glass.

6) Call in a professional

As you can see, you need to take a lot of extra care to make sure that your solar panels are not damaged during cleaning. Therefore, you should consider hiring a professional solar panel cleaner who will have the right skills and equipment to properly clean your solar panels. If your solar panels are placed on your roof, refrain from trying to do the job yourself due to safety concerns. Get maximum peace of mind by hiring a high access cleaner in Adelaide instead.

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