7 Rug Mistakes to Never Make

7 Rug Mistakes to Never Make

Choosing the right area rug for a room is no easy task; there are myriad styles, designs and effects to choose from. It isn’t hard to lose your direction and end up with the wrong rug because you had too many options. Area rugs can be the centrepiece of your room, demanding attention with their artwork and design. They can also blend into the background, giving the perfect final touch to bring the room together. If you have found yourself in need of a helping hand, or simply just doing a little research before designing your room, this list of mistakes to avoid will point you in the right direction.

Choosing your Rug at the End
Trying to find the perfect rug to match your complete room which you designed from scratch, from the throws to the curtains, could take months. Your best bet for creating the perfect room is to choose the rug first and build your room around it; the rug is the focal point of the room. Although, if you already have your dream room and all you need is a rug, you could go with something neutral until you find your ideal area rug.

Not Using a Rug Pad
Rug pads are pieces of material that go between the rug and the floor that grip the underside of the rug. It stops the rug from sliding on the floor. Rug pads can also make a rug feel deeper and more comfortable underneath your feet. It certainly is a lot more effective than using tape.

Going too Small
A rug that is too small will make your room feel small and claustrophobic instead of opening it up and defining the room. An area rug sets the boundaries of the conversation area. Therefore, it should always be larger than the front legs of your furniture that are on it. Similarly, in a bedroom, a rug should extend beyond the bed by a few feet so that you can feel its warmth and comfort when you step out of bed.

Not Experimenting with Layering
A smaller rug often comes with a smaller price tag. There are ways to ensure your rug is large enough and still stay within budget. Layering a smaller rug on top of a larger neutral rug, perhaps jute, stops your room from feeling small and allows you to save a little money as well.

Avoiding Patterned Rugs
Contrast is required to avoid a bland, block-coloured room. To create a good feel to your room, add a patterned rug to single-colour furniture.

Not Trying a Rug over your Carpet
Although a wall-to-wall carpet is sometimes all a room needs, layering a rug over the top can often add some happiness into a quieter room. Adding a rug onto a carpet can also bring together the boundaries of the room, making it feel more complete.

Missing Out on Bargains
eBay can often hold golden bargains for unique and vintage rugs that you would struggle to find anywhere else. There are many other similar websites, Etsy for example, to which thrift shops and second-hand shops post their options.

Once you have decided and invest in the rug of your choice, do remember to clean your rug at least once a year to keep it looking fresh and new. For all your rug cleaning needs, contact your local rug cleaner and they will give you a helping hand to keep your rug looking fabulous all year round.