A comprehensive guide to hiring the right carpet cleaning company

A comprehensive guide to hiring the right carpet cleaning company

The carpeting in your home or office gets wear and tear throughout the day and night. Keeping this valuable asset to your property in tip top condition means that from time to time you will need to invest in the best carpet cleaning service, but how do you go about guaranteeing you get the right company? Fortunately, there are a few simple tips that will ensure you get the right person for the job.

Get recommendations
In this industry, nothing beats a personal recommendation so before you book a cleaning company, start checking out the businesses that operate in your area. If you have neighbours, friends or family who have used a local company, invite yourself around to check out the end result. Not only will it fill up your social diary but you also get the chance to get some personal recommendations.

Remember to ask at the workplace as well because a number of top quality carpet cleaning companies will carry out both commercial and residential carpet cleaning services. Needless to say, if a carpet cleaning company doesn’t have a business license, you probably should not hire them!

By consolidating all the information you’ve researched, you’ll be able to easily compare the range of services they offer besides carpet cleaning. This may include tile and grout cleaning, mould remediation, or even a carpet and rug repair service. If the end result is a carpet that looks sparkling clean, what’s stopping you from trying their other services?

Check out online reviews
Have a look at reviews online to find out what customers are saying about the firms you are considering using. This will start to narrow down your list and you can find out whether the companies you are looking at were reliable, competitive when it came to pricing, and able to fit in the cleaning around the needs of the customer.

Insurance matters
Ask about insurance in case anything does get damaged because the right carpet cleaning professional will have insurance in place and a clear policy on what to do if, during the process, something happens to your property or flooring.

Certifications and qualifications
Did you know that there are such things as carpet cleaning certifications? Find out whether the company that you are considering has been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), the largest organisation that certifies carpet cleaners. A certified company will have properly trained technicians who are required to participate in on-going education programs, ensuring that their skills and knowledge are up to date.

Security and staffing
Whether it is your home or office environment that you need the carpets cleaned, you are still in effect letting complete strangers into the property. Don’t shy away from asking about what security checks the carpet-cleaning firm has in place to screen their employees.

Cleaning technologies
A good carpet cleaning professional will be aware of the latest technologies in the industry and advise you on your options. For example, carpet dry cleaning gets carpets clean with very low moisture, which means less time spent waiting for the newly cleaned carpets to dry. Also ask whether the company uses a truck mounted cleaning device, as anything less than that could mean you’re essentially hiring nothing more than a vacuum cleaner.

In addition, today’s demand for environmentally friendly cleaning products has seen a rise in the number of effective yet non-toxic cleaning agents on the market, so don’t be afraid to ask your carpet cleaning professional about the products that they use. Always choose eco-friendly and non-toxic options, not just for the environment but also for the safety and health of your family and pets.

Be price savvy
Once you have narrowed down your list then you can start to check out the pricing schedule. It is important that you don’t get tempted by the lowest offer because sometimes this may be used to hook you into a service that is not transparent about all the hidden extras. When you call for a quote, make sure that you have made a list of questions you need to ask about costs, and ask what is included in the quoted price.

Some of the questions you will need answered are around the preparation of the rooms, for example, do you need to arrange for the sofa or desks to be moved or is this part of the service? If you have several staircases with carpeting that needs a good clean or you need to ensure the hallways and heavy footfall areas are given extra attention, ask if this is extra or part of the package offered.

5 Questions a reputable carpet cleaning professional will ask you
The importance of asking the right questions goes both ways. An experienced and reputable carpet cleaning professional should also have questions for a potential client, so listen out for these queries when speaking to any prospective contractors:

· What is the situation that requires carpet cleaning?
· Are there any specific areas of concern?
· How long (if ever) has it been since you had your carpets cleaned?
· Do you have any family members with allergies or asthma?
· Would you like to know what processes we use, or do you have any other questions about our processes or other services?

All of these questions are essential in helping a carpet cleaning professional to understand the job at hand, which in turn will enable them to recommend the right service and products according to your needs. Finally, remember that the right carpet cleaning professional will be more than happy to answer your questions, so don’t be afraid to do your research before making a decision. At the end of the day, you will be glad that you did.