Maintaining a clean home involves ensuring that the carpet is properly taken care of. Vacuuming alone is not enough, as a deep clean is needed to get to the soiling that is ingrained in the pile construction, and to deal with the tough stains that are riddling the unit. Those spills from beverages stick out like a sore thumb, ruining the colour scheme of the carpet. Some of the stains latch so strongly to the material, and that specialised agents are needed to chemically dissolve them before the rest of the cleaning can continue.

The stains themselves come in different types, from the water-based and oil-based spots, each requiring its different cleaning mode. There is more than just the stains to worry about. Do your family members have allergies acting up? The carpet collects dust, dander, and even pollen grains and mould spores, with their concentrations increasing over time. If you find your family members with their eyes tearing, coughing and sneezing when they are in the room, yet they are not ill- it could be a sign of the allergen build-up in the carpet. It can be frustrating when one’s eyes keep getting teary simply because of the allergens that are in the furnishings in the house. With kids and pets around, the rate of dirt build-up in the carpet increases. From the dirt that they bring in from the outdoor games they were playing, to cases of the pets peeing and pooping on the carpet- it can get messy. Puppies that are not yet able to grasp the concept of house training, older pets that are being territorial, to cats and dogs that are ill and exhibiting symptoms like incontinence- the carpet bears the brunt. Busy modern homes also handle high levels of traffic, meaning that there will be more gunk that is tracked onto the carpet. You don’t want your unit getting ruined.

Protecting The Image Of Your Business

Businesses too are not immune to the daily abuse that carpets handle. In fact, since the traffic levels are higher in these areas, the carpets are at a greater risk if left unattended. People from all walks of life moving up and down the commercial premises on a daily basis, coming from various areas and tracking in the soiling from the outdoors, the carpet scraps of whatever gunk is at the bottom of their shoes. Mud from the yard and parks, debris picked up from the sidewalks and parking lots, salt from the pavements where it has been sprinkled during those snowy months to increase traction- lots of substances can wind up in the pile construction of your carpet. Ink stains from pens at the work desk, coffee spills in the employee lounge, that yoghurt that the clients’ kids were enjoying while waiting out in the lobby, which ended up dripping onto the carpet, those clients who are accompanied by their pets when coming to seek your products and services- it gets busy, and the carpet is bound to be heavily soiled. Giving it a thorough clean protects the persons who are on the premises – which includes both your customers and employees. Speaking of which, when- as the employer, you’re keen on the health and hygiene standards of your employees’ environment, it encourages them to work harder in their activities. After all, you will be more motivated at your desk when you’re not staring at a stained carpet, or being constantly distracted by the odours that are coming from it.

Being a humongous filter, keeping the carpet clean allows it to trap more dust and allergens from the airspace, preventing reactions from occurring and improving the indoor air quality. However, note that for this to be effective, routine commercial carpet cleaning will be needed to flush out the allergens that have already built up within the carpet material, freeing the fibres to trap more particles. Your image is also on the line. Regardless of how elegant and effective the products you’re selling are, or the efforts put in place in the service delivery by your enterprise, if the business is being conducted in a dirty and dingy environment, your customers will be deterred. They will begin questioning your claim to professionalism. You don’t want to lose customers because of the soiled state of the carpet. Calling in the expertise to give it a deep clean will ensure that you portray yourself in a positive image, boosting your brand.

Quality Carpet Care

Taking up the project as a DIY task can end up being more than you bargained for. It may seem straightforward at first: walk into the local hardware store, rent a carpet cleaning machine, put in the cleaning chemical into the tank, top up with some water, and you’re good to go. Firstly, by this point you will have spent lots of time. The diverse types of carpets call for different cleaning methods. Foam encapsulation, hot water extraction- approaches vary from one situation to the next.
Methods which should not be used on costly carpets;
  1. Some methods come with a higher likelihood of ruining the carpet- such as bonnet cleaning which is basically an adaptation of hard floor buffing, where even the carpet manufacturers themselves actively discourage against using it.
  2. Renting the carpet cleaning machinery, and using it appropriately are two different things. It’s not just about pouring the cleaning solution into the fibres on your carpet and scrubbing away. Here, numerous mistakes can be made by the DIYer.
  3. Take using too much shampoo for instance. This causes residue to remain in the carpet, which means that it will get resoiled at a faster rate.
  4. Other scenarios like overwetting increase the chances of colour bleeding, and can even cause shrinkage.
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