Find out what the colour of your carpet actually means!

Find out what the colour of your carpet actually means!

In ancient times, there were intrinsic meanings given to the colours used in rug and carpet making. The oldest known rug, found frozen in a tomb in the depths of Siberia, still showed remnants of a deep red dye, even though the material itself was over 2,500 years old. Red was a colour that back then, symbolised luck, wealth, joy and courage as well as representing the colour of blood, thus linking the owner of the rug to a vibrant life force. Today, we use a red carpet to symbolise a special event such as an awards ceremony or as the entrance to a wedding.

In modern times, we choose the colour of our carpets and rugs to compliment or contrast with the overall look and design of our home and offices. These colours tell us a lot about the individual who plans the theme, so let’s have a look at what the colour of your carpet actually means.

This colour represents the earth and soil, which in turn is associated with fertility, a place to put down roots and grow, either as a family or as a business. It also suggests a sense of stability and is often associated with a masculine trait. It was a colour used a lot in the seventies, and with the trend in vintage colours, is making a comeback in home design especially when teamed with turquoise.

If brown represents the earth, then blue is linked with the sky for obvious reasons. It is also a colour that is imbued with harmonizing and tranquil properties, having a calming effect on the human brain (check out the colours in a dentist or hospital waiting area and blue is often part of the colour scheme). Different types of blue such as navy represent stability, knowledge and security, so traditional firms such as solicitors or accountants, will often pick this as their theme colour. Light blue is linked to health and healing.

Associated with nature, leaves and grass, this colour symbolises growth and freshness. Darker greens also represent financial wealth and we associate green as safety (think about traffic signals or safety signs, for example). It is also the colour that is most restful for the human eye and can improve vision.

Bright yellow is a reminder of the sun, and is a very stimulating and energetic colour, giving warmth and light to a home. Often used in children’s rooms, it gives off a feeling of happiness and vitality. Pale yellow represents the spring and renewal, so a time of rebirth.

Used in times when kings and queens wore robes and crowns with velvet inlays and by members of the church, purple traditionally was associated with royalty. It is also associated with magic and creativity, as well as romantic feelings.

It is not often a colour chosen for carpets in households where there are both children and pets, for practical reasons. It is, however, loved by the minimalists as white is thought to be the colour of perfection. White is linked to purity, cleanliness and safety, but if it is your choice of carpet colour, make sure you have the name of a professional carpet cleaning service to ensure it retains its virginal appearance.