How To Eradicate Oil Stains From A Carpet?

How To Eradicate Oil Stains From A Carpet?

Carpets are the most commonly installed items to cover the floors of our offices and homes. Carpets not only provide us with soft ground to walk but also enhances the overall interior decor. As we know, any carpet is very prone to the daily settlement of dirt dust and debris. This dirt and dust can compromise the appearance and condition of the carpet ion the long run. Also, stains can be the worst form of damage to any carpet installation. Stains can leave a permanent decolourised spot on the carpet if left untreated. Out of all stains, oil stains can cause severe problems for the carpet installation. Oil stains can arise from many sources like body lotions, creams, hair oils, mayonnaise, eggnog and other food items. Its highly suggested that you follow carpet stain removal asap to get rid of the oil stain. Ignoring carpet oil stain removal can lead to permanent damage and decolourisation of carpet fibres. Oil soaked in by the carpet will trap a lot of dirt and debris which can leave a black spot on the carpet. Oil stains can also compromise the hygiene of the carpet by promoting the growth of germs and pathogens. For sever case of oil stains on any carpet, you should hire professional carpet cleaning services. For less severe oil stains, you can follow the below-mentioned DIY. Follow all the steps and instructions mentioned below and get rid of all the oil stains on the carpet effectively.
Materials you will be needing :
  • Spare Clothes or cleaning papers
  • Liquid soap or detergent
  • CornStarch or Baby powder
  • Vacuum
  • Water
Steps for carpet oil stain removal are :

Step 1:
If the oil stains are dry and old its necessary for you to freshen them up. So you can pour some amount of glycerine over the dried old oil stain to freshen it. Glycerine is essential in oil stain removal as it can add liquidity and fluidity in the stain

Step 2: After adding glycerine, you need to ensure that there is no excess of it in the stain. Take any absorbent cloth or paper towels and use it to dan the stain again and again. Press firmly and absorb all the extra glycerine and oil before treating the stain. Dot dab the stain very hard or else the glycer5ine will spread and lead to staining as well.

Step 3: Now for oil stain removal you need to use corn starch. Sprinkle some amount of cornstarch powder over the oil stain and cover the stain with cornstarch completely. If there is dust or dirt present on the stain, you can use a brush to get rid of it. After removing dirt, you can now further add some more of cornstarch powder on the oil stain. Leave the cornstarch powder on the stain for a complete hour.

Step 4: Now use any vacuum cleaner to get rid of the settled cornstarch powder. Attach an upholstery hose to the vacuum cleaner and use it to extract and remove all the cornstarch powder and dirt present on the stain.

Step 5: Finally you can now use any liquid soap or detergent to wash and clean the stain. Prepare a solution of water and liquid soap and rinse a cloth in this solution. Scrub and rub the stained patch again and again till all the decolourisation fades away. Repeat dabbing and rubbing the stain for better oil stain removal results. Clean the stained patch again with a wet cloth to get rid of the detergent as well.
Step 6: Now you need to dry the wet stained patch on the carpet. For that, take two absorbent clothes and put them on the bottom and surface of the stained patch on the carpet. Press the stain firmly and absorb all the liquid and water left in it. Dry the carpet under a fan for a day.

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