How to Get Dents Out of Carpet

How to Get Dents Out of Carpet

Carpet dent can happen and they particularly happen when the heavy furniture is placed upon the carpet for so long. These dents are primarily known as divots and they happen when the delicate fibers of the carpets are compressed with heavy items. The dents would not be visible until you have rearranged your furniture. However, if you are rubbing them or vacuuming them then it would not do enough for the dents. Fortunately, the carpet cleaning experts have come up with some of the simple tricks and tips that might help you to remove dents.

Tips to Remove Dents from the Carpet Surface

Using Ice Cubes

You need to grab some ice cubes from your freezer and give a cold shoulder to your carpet dents. You should place a cube or different ice cubes on the dent depending upon their size. Allow the ice to melt inside the carpet for some hours. This will help water to get engorged in the carpet and bring the height of the carpet back to its surrounding areas. You also need to blot excess amount of water with the help of sponge as well as use a spoon or quarter for lifting up the carpet fibers, which are hanging downside.

Use a Damp Towel

The dents, which are deep, you need to put a damp towel or dishcloth over the dented area. You also need to set an iron with medium heat mode or the steam mode for running it over the carpet approximately for a minute. The experts of carpet cleaning that you should not touch the iron directly to the carpet as it can bring burn marks on the carpet suggest it. Once you are done using the iron, you need to vacuum on the spot for fluffing the carpet.

Using Blow-Dry

However, using a blow dryer would also help you to add volume to your carpet; in the same manner, it does for your hair. You should use a handheld hair dryer for restoring the carpet fibers that are limp. Then, you need to start by spraying the dented area with water for saturating the fibers of carpets. After that, the carpet cleaning services provider suggest taking a hair dryer for blow-drying the damped area and fluff the area with fingers.


If you want to prevent future dents, then you should move your furniture regularly. Hence, moving furniture some inches in one direction then it can prevent the deep dents. Carpet would be a bounce-back in case your furniture would have been in one spot for several months.

You should also use furniture disks or the larger pieces of wood under the furniture feet and it can also spread the weight of the furniture to a wider area and lead to fewer dents.

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