How to Remove Cigarette Burns from Carpet

How to Remove Cigarette Burns from Carpet

In your busy schedule, you may become careless about your carpet cleaning or repairing. Sometimes, you forgot that the carpet's appearance is also essential to keep well-maintained your home. For maintaining your carpet, you should be alert because the carpet also requires your attention. Now, we are going to tell you about the best treatments for Cigarette burns.

Usually, cigarette burns are small in size, but also can make your carpet unattractive. Carpet Cigarette burns can be noticeable in front of visitors, especially in the case of a high foot traffic area. Well, you can repair the carpet cigarette burns with few efforts. We have some beneficial ways for burned Carpet repair, which will help you to make your carpet’s looks better.

3 Steps, Which Will Help You to Repair Carpet Cigarette Burns
  • Remove Damaged Area of Carpet -Trim the cigarette burned area by using a small pair of scissors or cutters. Cut carefully extended burned threads or fibres from your carpet. Sometimes, it becomes difficult when the cigarette burned is large in size. But remember, you have to cut simply the burned threads or fibres that have been burned by cigarettes. If you are naive in this task or have a busy schedule, may hire experts for carpet repair services.
  • Clean The Remained Area of Carpet Burns-Clean the remaining burned area or dark ashes of your carpet to make it smooth. Be careful while cleaning, do not scrub harshly because wild scrubbing can affect the undamaged area of your carpet. You can use a wet rag or cloth to clean the carpet and leave it for a few hours to dry up. For getting an instant result, you can also spray with water to rinse and make the carpet’s blot to disappear.
  • Replace The Fibers- To fix your problem, find inconspicuous part of your carpet and trim it for replacing. You can utilise the back of the closet or carpet that under the furniture. Then, use an adhesive glue to affix the carpet damaged area with a new part that is trimmed from the inconspicuous part of your carpet. Once you have done the task of Carpet repairing, leave the glue to be stuck into carpet’s fibre.
  • Put a Heavy Book on Carpet’s Patch- You can put a heavy book on carpet patch to affix accurately. Then, trim the extended fibres from the rest of the carpet.

Additional Tips
  • Ensure that when you are working, keep away your children. Children can make your work messy.
  • Don't hesitate while trimming the damaged area. Your hesitation can make your work clumsy.
  • If the cigarette burned area of your carpet is too large in filling. We recommend that hire professionals for perfect carpet repairing services. Professionals can make your carpet almost new with the best material. For any type of help, related to carpet repair service, you can easily contact us or get more tips to fix the problems of carpet burned damages.
Professional Help

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