How You Can Remove Moulds from Your Carpet Effectively? 

How You Can Remove Moulds from Your Carpet Effectively? 

There might be cases in which you have suspected mould in your house, and then you would wish to remove mould right away. There are some of the health complications, which you need to face such as irritation, sneezing, and severe allergic reactions. It is not an easy task for a person to remove the mould present on their carpet, but carpet mould removal is something, which you can do it on your own. However, if you have removed mould from carpet then you will be able to save money, which would get wasted on replacing the carpet.

Basic Steps You Need to Follow for Removing Mold


When you are dealing with the moulds, you need to protect your eyes, mouth as well as hands. Mould is known to be quite toxic and you should be aware while removing it and avoid them to get in your skin and make you prone to diseases. The carpet cleaning services provider suggest to protect eye with sunglasses and use rubber gloves to protect hands as well as bandanna mask for mouth protection.

Testing for Mold

You can go for thorough testing in your house to search for mold and make sure it is not present anywhere else. In case, the mould is present in other parts of your house, then carpet cleaning would be only a waste of time because it will not protect you from any kind of diseases. There are different ways, which you can use for testing mould.

The first method suggested by the carpet cleaning experts is using the test kit, which has tape, and you can put it on surfaces. Later on, you can send a tape to lab for checking the mold presence in your air. This method would help you to know which place of your house has mold growth.

However, the second test suggested by expert is air tests and it is more expensive than using test kit, but it is cheaper than hiring the professional.

Cleaning the Carpet

There are some of the things, which you can use for removing the mold from the carpet fibers. You can choose to use dishwashing detergent with water for removing the mould. You should make sure that you are not much hard as it can destroy the fibers of your carpet. Other than this, you can seek help from the experts about the tips for carpet mould removal. The best thing you can do in this situation is hiring the professional and leave mould removal work on them. They can provide you mould-free carpets very easily without using harmful chemicals.

Once the mould removal process is completed, make sure that you have provided proper ventilation to your carpet for easy and quick drying. You can use a dehumidifier for removing the excess amount of moisture from the fibers of the carpets.

Get the Professional Help

The presence of mould in your house can be dangerous for your kids and pets. You would not like to harm any other person in your house. Well, in that case, you can choose to hire Vip Carpet Steam Cleaning professional carpet mould removal in Melbourne services for betterment of your family.