Maintaining your Designer Upholstery

Maintaining your Designer Upholstery

Every house needs beautiful furnishings to embellish it. Glistening sofa sets, carpets and couches make the overall ambience even more bedecked. However, they also need to be properly taken care of. They cannot only be bought and then ignored, otherwise their beauty fades and they turn into eyesores.

Wrong methods of cleaning soiled couches and sofas can lead to a different type of destruction altogether. Excess use of water, chemicals, exposure to sunlight is extremely harmful and one needs to be an expert in the manner of cleaning things as delicate as sofas and couches. But fear not, we are your one-stop solution for all your upholstery maintenance! We would like to share some tips for maintaining your upholstery so that they are always spick and span!

Be sure in Picking the Right Product

In the 21st century, there is no dearth of options in anything. However, you need to be careful to understand exactly what type of treatment you need for upholstery protection. You must treat it with the detergents properly suited to its fabric, or can use scotchguard as a preventive measure. so that the soot and grime that’s accumulated is removed with minimum irritation to the fabric. Otherwise, treatment with harsh chemicals can lead to its colors fading, along with many other effects.

Know the Application of Appliances

The most common appliance used to clean upholstery is the vacuum. Vacuuming can be done in a variety of ways. Many powerful vacuums can lift the upholstery off, and may cause tears at the seams. The power must be properly adjusted. However, if the vacuuming is not done properly, it might lead to any stains or liquid sticking around, that may lead to fungal proliferation. So, the power must be properly judged after Best Upholstery Cleaning Canberra maintenance.

Letting them Hang!

A very common mistake that we make is using the sofas and couches right after they are cleaned. This is actually a mistake, and this hampers their proper drying and may also lead to slumping and their losing shape. It is a good practice to use them only after they have properly dried.

Take the Professionals help

It is very important to regularly clean your upholstery and maintaining them. As they say, prevention is not only better than cure, but it’s also more cost-effective. We at Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Canberra understand exactly what your upholstery needs and provide scotchguard treatment for longer lifespan. We are a team of professionals, skilled at what we do, and to get a glimpse of our proficiency, dial 0420 230 164 and reach out to us. We are available round the clock every day, and we are only one phone call away!

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