Most Common Carpet Stains And How to Remove Them?

Most Common Carpet Stains And How to Remove Them?

Stains and spots are likely to happen when you have pets and kids at home. Also, daily basis movements can incur varieties of stains on your carpets. Stains can be of different types which can be removed with various methods and different products available in the market. But still, if you do not get satisfactory results even after that, you can contact professionals for the same. There are stains like wine stains, urine and vomit stains, blood stains, coffee stains, and many more unwanted stains. You can try to fix them up on your own with home remedies and market available products. Let us see some common carpet stains and how you can remove them easily.

Easy Methods For the Removal of Most Common Carpet Stains:

Wine Stains Marks:

When you are sipping the wine and suddenly it slides off from your hand in slow motion. You get into a panic situation where you become helpless for a while but get into action swiftly. All you need to do is be a bit quick at blotting the wine as much as possible. Bring some old rags, white vinegar, baking soda, and detergent. Apply the mixture of vinegar, detergent, and lukewarm water to the stain and let it work for 5-10 minutes and then gently rub the stain but do not scrub it. After that apply baking soda and let it rest and then blot it again and vacuum at the last. If stains do not go with this process then you can take the help of professionals for it.

Vomit and Urine Stains:

These stains are the most typical ones due to the lingering odour that keeps prevailing all around. The first thing you need to do with these types of accidents is to remove the particles or debris with tissue paper and start blotting to soak as much moisture as you can. Then spray the mixture of water and dishwashing detergent on the affected area, allowing it to rest for a few minutes and then blot it dry. Make another mixture of water and vinegar and apply on the stain again for a few minutes following up with the blotting process and then sprinkle the baking soda on it to absorb the remaining moisture and odour. If you do not get the expected results then repeat the above steps or else search out for the best carpet cleaners in your neighbourhood. Professionals at cleaning company can tell you about Different Techniques of Carpet Cleaning.


Bloodstains can be permanent if not dealt with on time. Even the smallest of stains can lead to brown stains in the future. So immediately get some old towels, cold water, and blotting paper, and dishwashing detergent. Firstly pour some cold water and detergent mixture on the stain and let it rest on it. Then blot it with old rags to absorb the moisture and colour. Keep repeating this step till when you see the disappearing stain from the carpet. Rinse it with cold water and blot it every time. At last, you may see that the bloodstain is no more present on the carpet. Still, if you are not satisfied try professionals for the same and get the carpet back with its shine and glory.

Coffee and Chocolate Stains:

Coffee and chocolate both contain caffeine. Both of them can leave the carpet with a brownish stain after a while. But as compared to coffee chocolate stain is easy to remove if it’s not a melted one. But if either of the stains has set in the fibres then the procedure has to be the same as red wine. Blotting is the most essential part of any stain removal process.

Ink Stains

Ink stains are difficult to remove but not impossible, you just need to blot them right away. Spray the affected area with an alcohol-based solution for an hour or so. You can even use hair spray or nail polish remover if you do not have the alcohol-based solution for cleaning. Keep repeating this till when you do not get the desired results. Use a hairdryer for drying the carpet for left moisture.

Prevention Tips:

While trying these methods you should go through the guidelines first and type of carpet texture too. Every carpet has its own way of cleaning the spots according to the type of piles, padding, texture, and fabric. If you do not know how to follow these methods then don’t take risks and hire Carpet Cleaning Richmond professionals for saving your carpet from further damage.

You can try all these methods for all types of stains. Most of the time these ideas work but when the stain gets stubborn or older, professional aid becomes important. They give you no chance of complaint and the carpet becomes long-lived with the professional touch. Contact Sams Cleaning Sydney for expert cleaning.