Move Out Carpet Cleaning Guide

Move Out Carpet Cleaning Guide

If you're moving out, you need to know that you need to make things aa good as they were before. For one, it means cleaning your carpets thoroughly. It's just one of the things to make your place look sparkingly clean, and this carpet cleaning guide will tell you just how to go about it.

Understanding your expectations is the first point t to start out. How clean does your landlord want the carpets to be? Do remember you can only achieve that new lustre glow if you hand your carpet over to a professional cleaners.

Otherwise, if you prefer to DIY, there are some sacrifices that you need to make. And knowinf just what tour landlord wants could help you decide how to go about it.
  • Check out your rental agreement. Does it ask you for professional carpet cleaning? Many do.
  • Check out how bad your carpet is. If it's stained, you won't be able to remove it on your own.

How Could You Do It Yourself?

Prefer to DIY yourself? Here are some of the tips to help you.

1. Start Things Early

Do remember that it would take a while for your carpets to be cleaned, a reason you need to start early. Do remember moulds can develop on carpets easily, and may need intensive cleaning to help get them clean.

Studies suggest that you may need to spend as many as 2.6 hours a day to clean your home before living out, so you would want to start soon.

2. Check if dry cleaning is what you need

Dusting and valuing can help you with the cleaning first, and it's a good idea to do it first before you decide to hand your carpet to professional cleaners.

Do remember carpets take in a lot of grime and dust, and it won't be easy separating them out unless you go in for dry cleaning. Washing by hands just doesn't cut it.

3. Don't just vacuum everything

Sure, it might look as a great idea to vacuum your carpets but that really isn't the way to go about it. Microscopic dust and pollen can't be removed with vacuuming, and you would thus need more than that.

You just need to know the hot spots where you can vacuum on the dust spots.

4. Use the Right Chemicals

If you have decided to clean the carpet yourself, you need to know what chemical agents you need to use. That isn't as easy a job as you would think - only a professional can tell you what agents to use where. And since there are regulatory policies, not knowing what to use where you just land you in trouble.

5. Take Care Cleaning Umder the Carpet

Here is the thing - if you aren't caeful, you could just find a spider sitting right under the carpet. It may or may not be dangerous but we are sure you wouldn't want to try it out. Its a good idea to remove the carpet slowly the first time, and ensure there aren't any obstructions along the way.

Apart from these few tips, do note that you do need adequate cleaning supplies to clean the carpet. Whether it be having the right amount of cleaning agents, or equipment for dry cleaning, it's better to list it out first. Make a checklist so that you don't forget anything important.

Before you move out, ensure that you have the carpet back and take a look at whether there is anything that isn't supposed to be.

Also, do note that moving out doesn't just mean some good and thorough carpet cleaning. It's just one important aspect of it that we discussed in this guide.

You would need to take care of everything from your cupboard to your kitchen, a reason you may just want to save time cleaning the other things up and leaving the carpet cleaning process to experts.

Move out cleaning can be an arduous affair, a reason it could be a good idea to leave it at the hands of experts.