Simple Hacks to Prevent Dirty Tile Grout

Simple Hacks to Prevent Dirty Tile Grout

Nobody likes cleaning tile grout. It’s hard to reach, and a nightmare to scrub clean. With that in mind, it makes sense to stop your grout from getting too dirty in the first place. Prevention is better than cure, after all.

Here’s how.

Keep Everything Else Clean
Whether it’s the kitchen or the bathroom, the fastest way to dirty the grout is to neglect your overall cleaning duties. Dirt, dust and grime will eventually find their way onto your grout where they will settle until you finally decide to clean it.
The solution is simple, albeit rather tiresome: clean often. Vacuum, sweep and mop the dirt away as frequently as possible to keep it from sticking to your grout.

Use Doormats
Strategically placing a doormat at every entryway of your house is an excellent way to reduce the amount of dirt that gets in the house, and subsequently on to your grout. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that everyone in the home actually uses these doormats to achieve its maximum benefit.
Another great way of keeping dirt at bay is enforcing a ‘no shoes in the house’ rule. No dirty muddy shoes = no dirty grout on the floor.

Take it Easy on the Detergent
Common sense would suggest that the more bacteria-killing detergent you use, the better it would be especially for a tough to clean spot such as tile grout. In reality, it’s unwise to go overboard with the detergent. An excessive application will leave behind a soapy residue which attracts dirt. This would make your grout dirtier than before.

This will likely prompt you to wash more often with more detergent, thus beginning a vicious cycle.
The ideal frequency to use detergent on your floor is once per month, which is all you really need to keep the germs in check. Try rinse mopping for the following three weeks, and check out the difference it makes to your grout.

Change Your Mop Water
As soon as your mop water gets cloudy, change it. Dirty water will stick to your grout like glue and is extremely difficult to scrub off. It only takes a few seconds, and costs a few litres of water to change. So do it straight away. You’ll be glad you followed this simple solution.

Use a Sealer
Sealing your grout is another sure-fire way to keep it as clean as possible. You’ve got two options to choose from:
1. A hydrophobic sealer is applied in a topical layer to protect against water and stains
2. An oleophobic sealer penetrates the porous grout with a solvent to safeguard against oil spills.

The former lasts several years while the latter may need to be redone every 6-18 months.

Regardless of how many preventative measures you take, your grout will eventually require a good clean. And in our busy modern world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the time. O’Shea’s is a professional home cleaning service with decades of experience in serving Adelaide’s community. Contact them today if you need professional help when cleaning your tile grout.