Surprising Benefits of Residential Roof Cleaning

Surprising Benefits of Residential Roof Cleaning

There’s no denying proper home maintenance can be expensive; it stands to reason some homeowners may choose to neglect certain chores to save on the bottom line. So is getting a professional roof clean in Adelaide worth it? After all, nobody’s going to notice how spotless your roof is (except maybe Santa Clause on his annual Christmas Eve run).

The short answer is “yes”. Regular roof maintenance, including cleaning, is entirely worthwhile. Here’s why.

It will help with your gutter maintenance
Over the years, a significant quantity of soot and grime will accumulate on your tiles. Worse yet, if your house sits under a tree, large chunks of twigs, leaves, seeds, and sap will fall from above. And when it rains, the water will wash all these downstream, and the matter will quickly clog up your gutters.

If not properly addressed, clogged gutters pose a serious risk. When water cannot flow through the gutter, and away from your drainpipe, it’ll spill over the side and down the walls, leaving unsightly streak marks along the way. Also, water accumulating by your home will seep into the ground and cause cracks to form, which will eventually compromise its foundations. Your gutters and drainpipes are an essential component for protecting your home, and doing a thorough roof clean makes them less likely to become clogged.

If your gutters happen to need a good clean out, then a roof cleaner will usually agree to do the gutters, as well as the tiles for a modest additional fee.

A Roof Cleaning Service Doubles As an Inspection
When was the last time you climbed up on your roof to check whether the tiling and shingles were in good shape? Probably not recently, even though it’s such a critical maintenance task. If your shingles become worn away or damaged, they won’t do a very good job at insulating your home. And if your tiles crack or break, you’ll let water, rodents, and insects make their way into your attic.
The long-term cost of even a few broken tiles could be astronomic as water damage could ruin your roofing or interior. Fixing a cracked roof tile or two, however, is a fairly fast and painless process, so it’s always better to identify and rectify such issues the moment they arise.

You’ll Get Rid of any Algae, Mould, and Mildew
These unwanted organisms aren’t just an issue in your water pond and bathroom; they’re probably up there creating colonies in your roof as well.

Algae is particularly problematic if left unaddressed for a long period. The pesky photosynthetic organism winds its way under your flashing and tiles, causing them to become loose over time and creating an ugly uneven appearance. These loose tiles can eventually crack off completely, allowing rainwater to fall directly into your roof. Algae also corrodes the limestone asphalt in your roof shingles, which causes the attached tiles to wear out rapidly. Although mould and mildew are less likely to damage your roof, their pungent odour does create a rather unpleasant environment to be around. In larger quantities, mould and mildew can also be hazardous to your health, so it’s crucial to get them off your roof ASAP.

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