Tips On Choosing The Most Suitable Type Of Carpet For Homes With Children

Tips On Choosing The Most Suitable Type Of Carpet For Homes With Children

Getting the right carpet in places where there are a lot of traffic in the home can be a nightmare. From toddlers spilling drinks to teenagers tramping in from soccer and with mud on their boots, it can definitely cause some trouble. If we were going to be practical, then clean rubber matting with built-in bounce resistance and cushioning would be ideal!

There are carpets out there which provide the style and comfort as well as the durability to withstand wear and tear, along with the spills and debris that comes with having kids.

Choose the right type of fibre
The material of the carpet is going to make a big difference in how it performs day in and day out. The most popular man-made fibres are nylon, polyester and triexta.

Nylon offers the softness, the good looks and the durability; lasting for around 10 years or longer in areas of high traffic such as hallways and stairs. This makes it a great choice if you have pets and children. However, it does need to be treated with stain protectors regularly. Overall, the material is easy to clean and can maintain its good looks during the course of its lifetime.

Besides being a very sustainable product that is resistant to stains, polyester scores on the comfort factor as it feels very soft and luxurious when you walk on it. It is not as hard-wearing as nylon and as it tends to shed, it is best to avoid placing it in the busy areas of the house where children congregate. This material is best saved for the master bedroom.

Triexta is a newer fibre which is derived in part from corn sugar. Additionally, it has excellent stain resistance and built in soil protection (great for the sporty and outdoor kids).

Check the signs of quality
Always read the label! When going for a heavy-duty carpet, you are looking for a heavier material; the label will tell you the grams of fibre per square metre. The higher the number, the heavier and more hard-wearing the carpet is.

Ask about a texture retention warranty because this will cover how well the fibres bounce back into shape after all the running, crawling and walking on. Go for something that has at least a 10-year warranty.

Look at the density rating of the carpet - if you bend the sample back and you can easily see the backing of the carpet, this means the fibres are not thick and are densely packed together. Aim for a higher quality carpet.

What about wool?
If your main issue is going to be keeping the carpet clean in a house with children, then despite the comfort and durability of wool carpets, the cleaning difficulty may deter you from purchasing them. In the case that it is not properly cleaned if liquids are spilled, the liquid would seep past the natural oils present in the wool fibres and as a result, the carpet would be permanently stained.

It is important that you ensure your carpets are cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner annually to help retain their good looks and soft texture. For homeowners with rugs in their home, do ensure that they are serviced by a rug cleaner to keep them in great condition.