Top 5 Reasons Why Wall-to-wall Carpeting Is A Good Idea

Top 5 Reasons Why Wall-to-wall Carpeting Is A Good Idea

More of us are returning to wall-to-wall carpeting in the home and moving away from wooden or tile flooring. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider ditching the wood and rugs to embrace the warmth and cosy feel of carpets.

1. Safety first
If you have young toddlers at home, note that carpets are a really good surface to cushion from trips and falls. A well-fitted carpet will ensure that both the young and old generation are safe from the slips that can incur on a tile floor or polished wooden floor. Unlike normal rugs, wall-to-wall carpets ensure that there are no edges to catch a person’s foot and cause a trip either. In addition, if you have a dog or a cat that regularly runs through the house and skids across the shiny floor, a carpeted surface would provide them with more traction.

2. Reduction of noise
The home should be a haven of peace and an oasis of calm. However, when family life takes over, this may not always be the case. If compounded with teenagers running up and down uncarpeted stairs, the sound of high-heeled shoes tapping across the tiled kitchen and the sound of music systems and television blasting, life can be very frenetic. Carpets have a great quality of absorbing sound vibrations, particularly if they have a good underlay. Sound is reduced between floors as the carpet acts as a barrier and muffles unnecessary noise.

3. Easy to maintain and warm
Wooden floors attract dust, balls of fluff and pet hairs. They require polishing and resealing to keep their good looks. To ensure a high-quality carpet looks good for a long time, regularly vacuum and engage a professional carpet cleaner once in a while. There is nothing like getting out of bed on a cold morning and putting your feet on a soft and warm carpet. Cold tiles and hardwood floors definitely do not have the same effect.

4. Economical
Even with the cost of fitting and underlay, a carpet is economical when priced against the cost of a hardwood floor, for example. Hardwood is a lot more labour-intensive, thus pushing up the cost. Wall-to-wall carpet tends to be cheaper. Carpets can also save on heating costs as they act as a layer of insulation. Wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the home could help lower the cost of your energy bill.

5. Style and colour
There are only so many shades of brown that you can get in a hardwood floor without having to paint or stain it another colour. This is not the case with wall-to-wall carpeting, where the choice of style and colour is staggering. Carpets come in different patterns, textures, ranges of tone and design. Whichever interior design you have in mind for your home, there will be a carpet to compliment or contrast the design. This helps to either give a focal point or a neutral backdrop to your interior.