Top 6 Benefits of Having Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally

Top 6 Benefits of Having Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally

Most homeowners are unaware of the need for a professional carpet cleaning service. After all, your fancy vacuum cleaner does a pretty good job, right? On a superficial level, perhaps. In order to get your carpet properly cleaned and ensure its longevity, a professional cleaning service is the only way to go.

Here are 6 reasons why…

1. They’ll get rid of those pesky stains
Vacuum cleaners are great at sucking up dust on the surface, but are they capable of removing stubborn stains? A professional cleaning service has years of experience, industry expertise, and powerful heavy-duty equipment, which makes them adept at making even the toughest blemishes fade away. Be sure to point them in the direction of the most affected areas.

2. You’ll get a better overall clean
Dirt and grime have a knack of accumulating over the years, leaving your once pristine carpet looking all grubby and worn. A standard run over with the vacuum cleaner will remove the outer layer of dust, but it will fall short of restoring that new carpet sheen. For optimal results, organize a deep clean from a professional service.

3. Your home will smell fresher
Another consequence of stockpiled carpet contaminants is a distinct musky smell that seeps through your home. The effect is cumulative, so you probably barely notice it because it increases slowly over time. After getting a professional service to perform a deep clean, you’ll be surprised by the lack of pungent odour straightaway.

4. You’ll breathe easier
One of the great advantages of carpet is that it traps air pollutants such as dust mites and mould spores, reducing the likelihood of you and your family inhaling these microscopic toxins. However, carpet is something of a double-edged sword. Over time, these pollutants accumulate deep within the fibres and inevitably become airborne as householders walk around. A standard vacuum won’t penetrate far enough to suck them up, so opt for a professional deep clean to remedy the situation.

5. You’ve got better things to do
Let’s face it - no one enjoys household chores. And if that chore involves doing a thorough clean of all the carpet in the entire house – who really has the time for that? Better let a professional cleaning service come in and take care of it for you instead. You will save a considerable amount of time and they will undoubtedly do a better job.
Some cleaning services allow householders to go back to their normal activities within a few hours, meaning there’s no need to quarantine carpeted sections for several days or more.

6. Your carpet will thank you
If carpets could talk, they would urge their owners to invest in a professional clean every year. Why, you ask? Because a periodic deep clean ensures the fibres remain in top notch condition and that the carpet continues to smell great. In the long run, you won’t have to replace your carpet as often which will ultimately save you time and money. Not convinced? Some carpet warranties require an annual professional service to remain valid.

With over 26 years of experience in the cleaning industry, you can count on O’Shea’s to help your carpet look as new again. Contact us today, and one of our friendly team at O’Shea’s can provide you with more information and an obligation-free quote.