What To Know When Hiring An End Of Lease Cleaning Company

What To Know When Hiring An End Of Lease Cleaning Company

Have you decided to hire a professional to do your end of lease cleaning? Smart move! Besides ensuring that you get your bond money back, getting an expert to do your end-of-lease cleaning saves time and simplifies the moving out process.

But how do you know which of the cleaning companies in Adelaide, SA will be the best choice? Read on to learn about the various factors you should consider when hiring an end of lease cleaning company.

Customer service is key

When you hire a particular service, it’s not just about getting the job done. Companies with good customer service carry out their business with courtesy, consideration, and care. The better the customer service offered to you by a cleaning company, the better your experience with them will be.

Similarly, you should evaluate whether a cleaning company maintains a certain level of professionalism in its dealings. Check the company’s website or social media pages – do they look professional? How long have they been in the business? The longer the company has been around, the more likely it is to be a trustworthy service provider.

Find out about their reputation

Want to discover whether a cleaning company is reliable or not? See what their customers have to say. The Internet is your best friend here and you can easily look for online reviews on Google, Product Review, Facebook, or other social media platforms.

All the same, remember to take all reviews with a pinch of salt and you should look for a company with consistently positive reviews over a long period of time. Alternatively, you could ask your friends and family in Adelaide for cleaning services that they have tried and would recommend.

Don’t forget about pricing

Figuring out your budget beforehand makes it easier to choose a cleaning company based on their pricing and quotations. It would also help if you compare how different companies use different methods to charge you for their services.

If you are on a tighter budget, one thing you can do is look for a cleaning company that charges you based on what items you actually need cleaned. This could save you more money compared to companies that offer pre-set packages with a fixed and hefty price tag.

Make sure they have insurance

When engaging a cleaning company, you wouldn’t want an accident or damage to occur – only to find that the company isn’t properly insured. Commercial cleaning businesses are legally obligated to obtain workplace liability insurance for their employees, but some unprofessional ones may overlook this or provide inadequate coverage.

You can call the cleaning company to double check if you’re in doubt about its insurance status. You should also be wary of businesses with unusually low rates, as they could be skimping on things like insurance coverage.

Proper equipment produces better results

One reason why you would hire an end of lease cleaning service, instead of doing it yourself, is because of the specialised cleaning equipment they use. As such, you would want to make sure that you choose a company that uses reliable industry-standard equipment.

Browse through a cleaning company’s website to see whether it offers any information on the kind of equipment they use, or reach out to them to make enquiries beforehand. You could also check to see what cleaning products the company plans to use and verify if they comply with the relevant health and safety regulations.

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