Why It’s Important To Keep Your Roof Clean

Why It’s Important To Keep Your Roof Clean

From vacuuming and tidying up to mowing the lawn, performing these tasks regularly can go a long way towards the upkeep of our homes. But what about looking after the cleanliness of your roof?

Cleaning your roof is not just about maintaining the appearance of your house, it also helps increase the lifespan of your roof and minimise costly damage repairs. Read on to find out more about why you should get a roof clean in Adelaide.

Keep unwanted things from growing

Your roof is constantly exposed to all manner of things, from elements like dirt and water, to living organisms such as plants, moss, lichen, and algae. Sometimes, this kind of unwanted growth can make your roof appear stained, with various dark splotches all around. Even if it's not very noticeable in appearance, algae, moss, and lichens can greatly decrease your roof's lifespan – leading to bigger issues such as roof damage and the need for a replacement.

Prevent tile damage

Did you know that having a dirty roof that has not been cleaned for a long period of time can lead to tile damage? You can tell when tile damage occurs if you spot a missing tile, or notice a misalignment within any row of tiles on your roof. In turn, damaged or missing tiles can lead to problems with your roof such as water damage, fungal growth, and decreased integrity of your home structure.

Get a professional roof cleaner

With all these reasons to keep your roof in good condition, you should definitely consider getting your roof cleaned regularly by a trained professional. Why should you hire a professional to clean your roof instead of doing it yourself? Well, first and foremost, roof cleaning is a high-access job and not one that should be done in DIY fashion; safety concerns are of the utmost priority when it comes to roof cleaning.

Besides that, a professional cleaner would be equipped with the right cleaning equipment and industry-approved solutions to tackle the task. It would be more cost-effective to hire a professional instead of having to buy the right equipment and cleaning solutions yourself. Lastly, professional cleaners have the right experience and methods to clean your roof without any damage to your home or surroundings.

O'Shea's has built a solid reputation for providing excellent roof cleaning services in Adelaide. Our experienced team of fully trained high access cleaners are committed to getting the job done well and efficiently. Call us to find out more!