Alternative Cleaning Methods

Alternative Cleaning Methods

When it comes to domestic cleaning, it can sometimes be wise to shake things up a bit now and again. You will find that sticking to your tried and tested ways is good. And the regularity will ensure that you get the job done right each time. There may well be a certain sense of the unknown, in that you are not completely aware of what you might be missing out on.

It may therefore help you to hear about a few alternative cleaning methods. You may not have heard of them before. Simply to jog your interest in what might be out there that can help. You can do things more quickly and more easily…

First off is steam carpet cleaning? Recent developments have meant that you can now use handheld steam cleaners all over the house. From the kitchen to the bathroom, there is no place that can’t be sanitized as well as degreased and wiped clean using the simple power of steam! You will find that the combination of extreme heat and pressure will ensure that all surfaces that come in to contact with the steam cleaner will be easy to wipe clean, as the heat of the steam breaks down the adhesive bonds in the dirt, and the moisture lubricates it all, essentially resulting in a surface that is easy to get looking squeaky clean at all times.

Returning to the traditional methods for cleaning can sometimes be a great idea. Like you can use flannels, cotton cloths, and simple soap for all your cleaning. This does away with the environmentally dangerous chemicals and plastics so commonly used in cleaning. Simply think about how your ancestors were cleaning their places. You will find a great number of natural ways. They can help cleaning perfectly well, with little extra effort!

These methods can result in a much safer place to raise a family. Often the chemicals used in cleaning are a lot more dangerous than the dirt itself! You would be hard-pushed to find a better way to clean naturally. You can use the three key ingredients in the pantry vinegar, lemon, and baking soda! These three can be combined with all sorts of things. It will ensure that you can get the whole place looking absolutely top drawer without using a single nasty chemical!

Try adding olive oil to a cloth for polishing, as it shines the wood up beautifully. Add a little lemon for a fresh scent finish! If you have a deep scratch in a dark wood floor, but don’t have the right polish for it, dab a little espresso in there, it will cover the scratch right over, staining the lighter wood into a more similar colour.

You may also find that a rubber eraser is the best way to get grubby white things clean, like light switches, piano keys, keyboards, and all sorts of other places around the house. We can add Lemon and vinegar to spray bottles. They are general household cleaners, and baking soda can be scattered across the carpet to get the smell of pets out of there! If your living room is still kicking up a bit of a stink, place a bowl of vinegar with a little boiling water in there overnight, and by the morning, it should smell much better!

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