Common Myths Related to Wool Carpet Cleaning 

Common Myths Related to Wool Carpet Cleaning 

Wool has turned out to be one of the most popular choices for carpets, as people love their durability, sound absorbing, warmth retaining and environmentally friendly qualities. However, a person can result in damage of his wool carpets because of lack of proper knowledge. The carpet cleaning services provider list it most difficult and caring work to clean the wool carpets as they can shrink by using wrong cleaning products. Other than this, there are multiple myths in market that lead to the damage of wool carpets while cleaning. Hence, these myths stop a person from enjoying the benefits of cleaning the wool carpets without even having to think about damage. Let us see some myths that have been associated with the wool carpet cleaning.

Myths Associated With the Cleaning of Wool Carpets

Myth 1

You should wet or damp the wool carpets or use wet extractor for cleaning them, as they can damage the fibers of your carpet.

Real Fact

Wool is also a type of hair and they can be cleaned with water like other hairs. If they are cleaned properly with the help of wet extraction machine, then wet cleaning would not damage their fibers at all.

Myth 2

Wet cleaning of the wool carpets results in shrinkage of wool carpets

Real Fact

The carpet steam cleaning services provider concluded that wool can be cleaned with the help of lukewarm or cold water. Wool can also turn out to be highly absorbent so you need to be careful to avoid over saturating of the carpet by the cleaning solution.

Myth 3

Wet cleaning the wool carpets will turn them brown

Real Fact

The wool carpet can only get discolouration because of the over-wetting of the backing not the fibers. Hence, before trying any new cleaning routine it is suggested by the experts of carpet cleaning to tests the product upon the small patch of carpet that is unseen. This will help you to know that your carpet is colorfast or not and you would get the best results.

Myth 4

Wool need to be air dried at their own pace.

Real Fact

It would be better for the wool carpets to get dried quickly. You should provide proper ventilation by using air blowers or movers in the strategic position for facilitating the drying whenever possible. It is suggested by experts to make the extra vacuum pass for recovering the moisture and enhance the speed of drying process.

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If you are thinking to place wool carpets in your house, then you need to take some extra steps for the protection of their fibers and beauty. Hence, you can ask the experts of Fresh Carpet Dry Cleaning Perth for the best tips to properly care for the wool carpets. We have been providing the carpet cleaning in Perth services from long time with the use of effective woo cleaning products.