DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods For Light Colored Carpet

DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods For Light Colored Carpet

There is no shortage of dirt and stains on your carpet and it can be costly to get it professionally cleaned depending on how dirty it is. But you should not worry as there are always DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods that are helpful in such situations.

We have listed some of the best DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods to clean a light-coloured carpet at your home using general items. To clean the carpet by yourself using our methods the first thing that you need to do is identify the type of carpet it is and material of it. Once you know about the exact material that is used for your carpet then, you can select the method for that specific carpet from below.

So Without Further Ado Let’s Get Started:-

Synthetic Light Color Carpet Cleaning Using Homemade Cleaners

This method is specifically created for synthetic light colour carpets that are made from a different type of synthetic fibres. First of all, the things that you need to create homemade cleaners are dishwashing agents, vinegar, cup and spoon for measuring. Synthetic Carpet Cleaning can be done using this method pretty well.
  • Solution Made From Detergent: This is pretty simple to make, all you need to do is mix ¼ teaspoon of liquid dishwashing agent into a cup of lukewarm water. After mixing pour it on the carpet to clean it.
  • Solution Made From Vinegar: This is also similar to the detergent solution. The difference is the vinegar. Mix one cup of white vinegar with two cups of water, then you can use it to clean your carpet.
  • Solvent Solution: You can also use nail polish remover or thinner to clean your carpet but make sure that you do not overuse it, use only a small amount for carpet cleaning.
Natural-Fiber Light Colour Carpet Cleaning By Using Homemade Cleaners

If there is synthetic carpet then the natural-fibre carpet is going to exist and they are going to be more delicate than synthetic carpets. This type of carpet is a pain to clean as you have to be extra gentle when doing Natural Fibre Light Colour Carpet Cleaning. Get best carpet cleaner from hiring Carpet Cleaning Cranbourne.
  • Detergent Solution: You can take one teaspoon of dishwashing soap or detergent but it has to be liquid then add it to a cup of lukewarm water like earlier to make it. The main difference is that you have to be delicate using it on the natural-fibre carpet.
  • Vinegar Solution: ¼ cup of vinegar and ¼ cup of water get the job done pretty good in our opinion and you do not need to add anything extra to this solution to make it work.
  • Ammonia Solution: Get some household ammonia and mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with a half cup of lukewarm water to make an ammonia cleaning solution.
  • Solvent Solution: This is the same we have created for the synthetic fibre carpet above, just use the same thing to clean your carpet.
Final Word Of Advice

Although these methods are a pretty cheap way to clean your carpet, we still recommend hiring an expert for cleaning. As some certain kinds of stains are not possible to be removed using such DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods, it demands specialized tools for cleaning. These methods are only good for temporary cleaning and not good enough for deep microscopic cleaning. Whenever you get a chance to hire a Local Carpet Cleaning company, you should hire Carpet Cleaning Cranbourne professionals for the deep cleaning of your carpet. Professional Carpet Cleaners have various types of machines and specialized methods that help clean different kinds of stains and marks easily. If you want to know about Differences Between Area Rug Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning than ask from our professionals.