Handling Tea Or Coffee Carpet Stains – Methods That Work!

Handling Tea Or Coffee Carpet Stains – Methods That Work!

Morning tea or coffee is loved by all except those great-looking carpets. Tea or coffee spills can happen anytime and ruin your precious assets. Although these spills are generally inevitable, the best you can do is clean them right away. Wait, that doesn’t end here! You will need to clear the marks left by the spills. Well, carpet cleaning in such cases can be a little complex especially if you don’t know which cleaning method to use. We are here to help you handle tea/coffee stains in no time. Just keep reading:

Removing Tea/ Coffee Stains From Carpets

There are many carpet cleaning procedures when it comes to removing tea or coffee stains. Given below are a few safe carpet-cleaning options you can consider:
  • Cleaning Method #1 – Using Dish Soap
Wet the tea/coffee stain using a damp pad. Prepare a dish soap solution with 1 tbsp. of soap and 3 cups of warm water. Apply it on the spot and slightly scrub the region with a smooth carpet cleaning brush. Now use a clean wet pad to rinse the region. Use a dry cloth and blot the carpet to dry it.
  • Cleaning Method #2 – Using Salt
Put a significant quantity of salt on the coffee/tea stain. Gently scrub and follow it with rinsing with cold water. You can also use some club soda if the stain remains on the carpet. Dry the carpet via a blow dryer.
  • Cleaning Method #3 – Using Vinegar & Liquid Detergent
If the stain is wet, first use a sponge to absorb the liquid. Combine 1-2 tbsp. of vinegar with some liquid detergent and warm water. Take a pad and dip it in the detergent solution. Dab this pad on the spot. Keep dabbing until the tea/coffee stain fades away. Rinse the spotted area with lukewarm water. Use a carpet cleaning machine designed to suck up the liquid. Get carpet steam cleaner at affordable price.
  • Cleaning Method #4 – Using Borax
Combine 1 cup water with 3-4 tsp. borax. Apply this borax paste on the coffee or tea stain using an old toothbrush. Gently rub and leave the paste to dry. Once it dries, suck the residue with a vacuum. Now take a wet sponge to rinse the stained area.

Who To Do If You Still Can’t Remove Coffee/Tea Stains?

If the aforementioned methods fail to deliver results, you need to seek an efficient professional carpet cleaning service. Seeking professional help is always a smart option as it is convenient, fast, and safe. Not to mention, pro carpet cleaning solutions are much effective for all types of carpet fabrics.

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