How can you Keep your Carpets Ready for the Newborn?

How can you Keep your Carpets Ready for the Newborn?

A newborn baby is a very sensitive bundle of joy. The baby will be very delicate just after birth and as such, needs the best of care. So, when the baby comes home, the home must be spick and span to welcome it. A big part is played by the carpets on your house, which can contain molds and spores, and there must be a thorough carpet cleaning before the baby comes home.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

This is the most common form of carpet cleaning. Carpet steam cleaning requires a lot of water, soaps and detergents and is time-consuming. It also needs to dry for a long period of time. Even after drying for a long period, it may not entirely lose the moisture. It may remain dampness. A damp carpet environment is a good breeding ground for bacteria and spores, and so, carpet steam cleaning is not a good idea if it is to be used by a newborn. The newborn is quite susceptible and may get easily infected.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Although the most common form of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning, carpets used by babies are best treated when they are subjected to dry cleaning. Dry Carpet Cleaning Process is a much better proposition as it does not involve moisture, harsh chemicals, detergents or soaps. The dried smut and detergent is subjected to vacuum cleaning in the last step. It is also very good for stubborn coffee stain removal. Another advantage is that dry cleaning is a matter on only one-two hours, while steam cleaning of a carpet may take up to 48 hours.

Ensuring Basic Cleanliness

The best way to ensure cleanliness is to prevent dirt from getting in. Small steps can be followed, like placing a doormat at the entrance to the house and possibly a rug at the beginning of the hallway. All the visitors may also be made to take off their shoes upon entering the house, to ensure absolute cleanliness and they may be provided with clean, indoor footwear. Apart from that, a thorough carpet stain removal and carpet cleaning process should be conducted very frequently, maybe once a week. This ensures the destruction of dust, bacteria and spores that may build up inside the carpet fabric as well. It also helps maintain the carpet health.

Methods to Dry your Carpet

Drying the carpets can be a headache. If the carpet is in a state such that cleaning is absolutely necessary with water, we should keep the baby away from it until it is completely dry. If the weather permits, we should open the windows and turn on the fan for better ventilation and more complete drying of the wet carpets. Carpets provide a breeding ground for bacteria and spores when they are wet, and also provide a damp environment for fungal proliferation. These pose threats to the baby and should be kept away.

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