How Rubbing Alcohol is Used For Shoe Polish Removal?

How Rubbing Alcohol is Used For Shoe Polish Removal?

Carpets are one of the most expensive investments we make in our home to increase the interior décor and class. We always prefer professional carpet cleaning for keeping the carpet fresh, clean and look like new. The carpet goes through a lot of wear and tear, so no matter how much we are concerned about keeping it clean but they can easily get spoiled. Any stain, discoloring, odor smell, and scraps can force you to replace these carpets.

Your carpet can get spoiled by spilling anything accidentally on it. Spills can be of anything like tea, coffee, shoe polish, etc. Shoe polish has staining property which is important to make your shoe shine, but this also makes it difficult to remove stains from carpet fibers. However, rubbing alcohol can help you in shoe polish removal from your carpet.

Items You Need
  • Clean rags
  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
  • Laundry detergent
  • Hydrogen peroxide
Steps To Follow:

Step 1:

Place a few drops of isopropyl rubbing alcohol in an inconspicuous or a hidden area to check how it is going to react with your carpet fabrics. Rubbing alcohol does not harm any fabric type or remove dye from them but still, before proceeding to the procedure, it is always important to be certain.

Step 2:

Onto a clean rag, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol. It is always good to use a white rag if the stained area is light in color because a darker rag can transfer color onto your carpet and make the stain worse. In the same way, if the stained carpet is dark in color, then it is best to use a dark rag than rubbing and blotting with a light-colored rag.

Step 3:

For professional carpet cleaning press the stained area with alcohol saturated portion of your rag. Rubbing alcohol will start its work to remove shoe polish and lift it. If possible, then turn the stained area and blot it up from both sides. Once the saturated portion of the rag becomes solid then move to a clean spot and start again. Continue the steps until shoe polish is properly removed.

Step 4:

For carpets which are capable of easy laundry, mix some laundry powder with water and make a paste. Spread the prepared paste on the stained area of your carpet and let it settle for 15 to 20 minutes. It will remove any trace of shoe polish left behind by alcohol. For carpets that cannot be laundered easily, instead of applying paste created simply rinse all the alcohol traces left on the carpet with water. Now just let it dry in the open.

Step 5:

Launder the carpet that has paste on it. There is no need for rinsing the carpet with water, before laundering. Always make sure that the stain is completely removed, before putting it in the dryer because heat can set the stain and will also make it more difficult to get rid of it.

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