How To Avoid The Flu At Work This Winter

How To Avoid The Flu At Work This Winter

With a drop in temperature comes runny noses, sore throats and unpleasant fevers in yet another inevitable flu outbreak that gets passed around the office faster than you can say bless you. Dodging the flu may seem like an impossible feat, but being properly prepared can help you avoid getting sick.
Don’t just accept your ill fate – fight it with our handy hints to avoid the flu at work this winter.

Keep Your Hands Clean
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before touching your eyes, mouth and face in general, to avoid contact with any germs you may have picked up. Also try using an antibacterial hand sanitiser throughout the day to really kill any nasties lurking on your skin.
This is especially important before eating and after being close to someone who is showing symptoms of the flu, such as coughing and sneezing. The more you wash, the less likely you are to contract germs and fall sick, so make a habit of sanitising your hands consistently throughout the day.

Treat Symptoms Early On
If you suddenly have a painfully dry throat or aching muscles, don’t ignore the symptoms, allowing them to worsen until it is too late to take action. If you don’t have time to see your doctor, there is an endless variety of over-the-counter treatments available for flu symptoms.
From cold and flu tablets to cough syrup and throat lozenges, it is easy to tackle symptoms early on and stop them in their tracks. If you want to be really proactive, strengthen your immune system with vitamin C tablets and a nutritious diet.

If You’re Sick, Stay Home
Don’t be the person who gets the flu and decides to soldier on at work, only to pass it around and knock half the team out of action. One of the most effective treatments for the flu is rest, so ensure you get plenty of it by staying home.

Keep Your Space Clean
Shared office spaces are swimming in germs, the usual suspects being telephones, computer keyboards, mouses and toilets. Thorough and frequent cleaning and disinfecting is needed to stop germs from getting out of control in the office.
Simple water and a cloth won’t cut it – you will need to use disinfectant spray on surfaces daily. Even better, call in the professionals, like , to really get the job done and decrease the chance of germs spreading.
Are you looking forward to the coughs, sneezes, headaches and chills that come with the flu? We didn’t think so. Take our simple precautions to avoid the flu and enjoy a healthy work environment this winter.