How To Do The Carpet Patching?

How To Do The Carpet Patching?

Carpet patching is the best way to fix your damaged carpet, sometimes when things get out of control, damage happens on the carpet and make the carpet look odd or bad. It is unfortunate to say that carpet do really get ugly because of some damages such damages are food spill, bleach spot stains, cigarette burns or pet carpet damage. A carpet holds so many potential risks, which makes it inconvenient choice, you can not buy new carpet often, they are costly. However, there’s another way to make reverse the damage, it is carpet patching, this method can fix almost all the types of carpet damage. In this blog you’ll read the procedure of carpet patching, read the blog word for word.

Procedure Of Carpet Patching.

Follow the process carefully, to start with you need some items, each item is mentioned in the description of each step.

Measure The Damaged Area.

Graphically measure the damaged area on the carpet using a measuring tape, note it down. You can also mark the surrounding of damaged area using a chalk to know the exact area.

Tape The Area Which Is Needed To Cut Down.

Surround the area with a duct tape, place them properly. Now, select the area where you’re going to take the carpet to overlay the damaged area. You can choose an area, which is hidden, such as under the bed, make sure it remains hidden, otherwise you’re making the problem bigger. Now take the utility knife and cut down the damaged area of the carpet, use the inside edges of the tape as a scale to smoothly rip of the damaged carpet area. Similarly, remove the area which you’re going to use as a replacement.

Use The Adhesive Disk.

Adhesive dist is available in any local store, go their and buy it. You need to peel off the protective layer from the adhesive dist, do this carefully. When you’re done, simply pull the damaged area of the carpet from inside using your finger and slide the disk under the carpet.

Replace The Carpet With Fresh Carpet Patch.

Place the carpet patch carefully and use a roller to make it stick properly. Keep a heavy object on the area for a while, you can keep heavy book, this will keep the carpet piece intact. Clean the area with a vacuum cleaner after that.

Call Professionals.

Carpet damage restorations is a job of professionals and one should always seek professional assistance. Small or less severe damages or holes can be restored through carpet patching, we have expertise in that. If there are severe carpet damage repair work hire our professional Carpet Repair Perth services. We are an expert brand that provides all kinds of carpet repair and carpet restoration services. Our professional carpet technicians are skilled and trained experts that can handle and restore any amount of damage on the carpet. We are equipped with all the latest tools and equipment we will restore all types of damaged carpets in no time.