How To Remove Halloween Stains From Your Carpet?

How To Remove Halloween Stains From Your Carpet?

In Halloween, all the best things are the messiest. Halloween time is fun for all kids and adults, considering from candy to the costumes and surprises it also brings stains. Hard candy, pumpkin, chocolate, glow stick, and fake blood are the most common stains you will encounter on your carpet. Carpet cleaning can help you to get rid of these stains, not everyone wishes to get help from professionals so provided below are few tips to remove stains at home:

Hard Candy

You need to remove hard candy from your carpet very carefully, to prevent any damage to carpet fibers moisten the candy with cold water. Then using your fingers rub liquid dish soap on the stain and blot it using a white cloth. Dip another cloth in white vinegar and damp the remaining stain. If stain persists then repeat damping stain with white vinegar. After the stain is removed you can flush the surface with clean water.


You can scrape up as many seeds and pumpkin pulp as possible. Once you have removed the excess amount of pulp, treat the remaining part with hot water. Use a washcloth to blot the stain with warm water. You need to repeat the procedure for few times and the stain will get transferred to your washcloth. This process will act like hot water extraction to clean your carpet.


If chocolate has stained your carpet then you need to blot it with a cloth and cold water. When chocolate stain stops transferring to the cloth then use a detergent solution to the clean part of the cloth and start blotting the stain. Let it settle for some time and then rinse it with cold water.

Glow Sticks

Whenever you see a glue stick stain on your carpet, immediately blot up moisture with the help of a paper towel. To prevent the stain from getting larger, you can blot from outside to the center of the stain. After blotting, create a mixture using white vinegar, liquid dishwashing detergent, and cool water. Use a soft-bristled brush dipped in the solution to work on the stained area. This method of carpet cleaning can provide you new and fresh carpet.

Fake Blood

In case of fake blood stains on your carpet, you need to soak up the excess amount of liquid from the carpet using a dry washcloth. Dab cold water on the stain and use another washcloth to soak up the water with fake blood. If stain remains on the carpet then repeat the same procedure for 3 – 4 times. You can also moisten up the stain with the help of hydrogen peroxide solution and after an hour repeat if necessary.

How Can We Help You?

If you are thinking of post-Halloween clean up then the tips provided above can help you, but if you are having any trouble in carpet cleaning then contact Spotless Carpet Stain Removal for solutions and schedule our meeting. If you need any help in Adelaide you can contact our company as we are always happy to help. We also offer our Carpet Cleaning in Berwick.