How To Remove Makeup Stains From Carpet

How To Remove Makeup Stains From Carpet

Carpet cleaning is crucial for maintaining the fabric’s quality. To remove the dirt and unwanted particles from a carpet, it should be cleaned regularly with appropriate cleaning tools and cleaning agents. If the carpet cleaning is not performed correctly, then its quality degrades. The fabric incurs wear, tear and other physical damages. The colour, comfort and texture of a carpet are adversely affected because of improper cleaning.

The dust and dirt particles are removed from the carpet with the help of a vacuum cleaner. With regular vacuum cleaning, the carpet remains clean and fresh. But removing the stains and marks is not easy. A carpet is prone to get stains and marks because it witnesses a lot of food spillage and other liquids. If the spills are not cleaned when they are wet, then it becomes very difficult to remove dry stains.
One of the most common stains found on a carpet is makeup stains. Makeup stains are stubborn and do not come off easily. If these stains are not removed, then the carpet’s quality gets ruined. You should use certain tricks and tips to get rid of makeup stains.

Tips On Removing Different Makeup Stains From Carpet:

There are various types of makeup equipment. Sometimes in a hurry, people often by accident drop makeup products on the carpet. For the different types of equipment such as lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, nail polish, etc. there are unique methods to get rid of the stains caused by every makeup equipment. Let us see them one by one:

Removing Lipstick Marks

Lipstick stains do not come off easily. To remove them, dip a white cloth in paint remover or rubbing alcohol. Remove the excess amount of solution from the cloth and dab it on the lipstick stains. Do not rub the lipstick vigorously because the stain will spread. Gently dab it on the affected areas till the stain comes off. To get rid of the rubbing alcohol or paint remover from the carpet, use a detergent and remove it.

Getting Rid of Foundation Stains

To remove foundation marks, try and remove as much foundation as you can from the carpet with the help of a spoon or butter knife. To get rid of the remaining foundation off it, apply a mixture of cold water and dishwashing liquid over the foundation spill and gently rub it with a soft cloth. After removing the stains, put a dry cloth to absorb the water from the carpet. For the final touch, do the vacuuming.

Cleaning Eyeliner Stains

An eyeliner spillage can damage any carpet. Here is a simple and easy way to clean the stains caused because of eyeliner on a carpet. For removing eyeliner stains, make a microfiber cloth wet with warm water and put WD-40 on the cloth. Then dab the eyeliner stain with this cloth. The eyeliner stain is transferred into the cloth. After the removal of stains, clean the carpet with detergent and make it stain-free.

Removal of Nail Polish Stains

Removing nail polish stains from a carpet is simple and easy. Apply a nail paint remover on the nail polish stain with the help of a cloth. Dab the cloth over the stains and gently remove the stains. After the removal of stains, to remove the nail paint remover from the carpet, clean it with warm water.

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